White Water Rafting at Rishikesh


A complete guide of White water rafting Rishikesh

River Rafting Rishikesh

River Rafting Rishikesh is a blissfull adventure. The pious Ganga is in her full swing here. The very sight of her running day in day out is itself is an experience. If you want to know what white water rafting is you need to visit Rishikesh. The place has gained enormous popularity for Rafting for last couple of years similar as increasing popularity of Everest Base Camp trek, Markha Valley Trek or Chadar Trek. Just a days journey from Delhi thousands of adventurer every year visit there to experience the thrill of Rafting. And if you are adventurous enough or an ardent traveler or mountain lover then you can couple you thrill of Rafting with some fabulous trek like Nag Tibba trek, Kuari pass trek, Khuali pass trek

River Rafting Rishikesh

Important facts about River Rafting Rishikesh:

Considering you are a first timer, in Rishikesh you can opt for any one of different options given below

  • 9 km rafting Rishikesh- Easy- starts from Shivpuri
  • 17 km rafting Rishikesh- for first timers- starts from Marine Drive
  • 27 km rafting Rishikesh- for pro rafters- starts from Kaudiyala

River Rafting Rishikesh

Please note, different other permutation combination can be done depending upon starting and ending points of rafting.

You can only want to do rafting or you can also want to experience camping or other adventure sports out there for ex. bungee jump, zip line over river Ganges, rock climbing and rock rappelling etc.

Always choose your Rafting guide wisely. Good rafting organizers thoroughly check safety and security.

River rafting Rishikesh

Points to be noted –

  • Make sure your life jacket, helmet etc. are not faulty. Though your guide must check them still you can ask them to check again to be double sure.
  • Wear poly-material made clothes which get dry easily.
  • Use rubber or non-leather made footwear
  • If you or your friends have any history of physical illness like asthma, breathing problem, slip disc etc. do communicate those things to your Rafting Guide
  • Do not wear or carry jewelry or valuable ornaments.
  • Try to avoid carrying phone, wallet etc. If you carry at all make sure that those are kept in Dry bags available with the Rafts. Dry bags are specially made to protect things from getting wet.
  • Do carefully listen to the rafting instructions that are explained by the guide before trip
  • Rafting is a great team adventure experience. With proper guidance it is not at all tough or risky. Enjoy your rafting at its fullest.

Best Timing for River Rafting Rishikesh:

Best timings for River Rafting at Rishikesh are February to June and Mid-September to Mid-November as during this period the Temperature generally lies between 10-20 degree temperature. Night Temperature may drop to 4-5 degrees though.

During March to june Rishikesh gets huge flow of water resulting from melting ice up in the region which creates favorable situation for Rafting. And in September to November, after monsoon also Rishikesh gets huge influx of rainwater coming down from every nook and corner of the Mountain

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Rafting generally remain closed during Monsoon i.e. End June to Mid-September. During this period water level goes way beyond control.

River Rafting Rishikesh

How much will it cost for a 1N2D Rafting Program in Rishikesh?

For a 1N2D camping with Rafting, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and other added activities you should spend 1600-1800 Rs. per person for a good Camping and Rafting experience. Please note this is current charge of the year 2015-2016. Each year this price may go up to 10-15% higher.

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Where can I book?

Solely depends upon you. If you want to go with an 8+ years experienced, 20+ people team sized, imported quality raft user and certified rafter you can check here.



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