Mcleodganj Dharamshala trip: Finding Tibet in Himachal

One of my most memorable and amazing long outing was Dharamshala trip. Dharamshala is situated in the Kangra Valley of Himachal Pradesh and is famous for its Tibetan diaspora, its pleasant climate and of course, its beautiful waterfalls. There’s something ethereal about the beauty of this place. The mystery in the air surrounding the mighty Dhauladhar range which attracts every visitor, which leaves an impression on one’s mind and heart which can never leave one’s thoughts. Dharamshala trip is perhaps the best weekend trip in Himachal Pradesh.


Starting my Himalayan adventure: Lower Dharamshala trip

I still remember moving across the curvy roads as we moved up to reach our destination and we were surrounded by mountains on all sides, a picture that has forever settled in my mind of my Dharamshala trip. We started with lower Dharamshala trip first where we shopped in the markets and got some of the most beautiful handmade jewelry found in India.

Mcleodganj: The best part of Dharamshala trip

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Our next stop was Mcleodganj (Base camp for numerous Himalayan adventure treks like Indrahar pass trek, Minkiani Pass trek), famous for the mouth watering food that the joints in this place offer. My favorite being Carpe Diem and The Tibetan Kitchen. Dharamshala is in fact very well known for its momo and especially for its momo soup.

Quite honestly, Mcleodganj is a must visit place if you are planning for Dharamshala trip. And this is not only for its amazing food and its scenic beauty but also for the kind of people who reside in this place, it has loving people, the kind anyone would love to meet. If someone loves adventurous activities then a trek to Triund Hill is something that the person should never miss. It not only boosts your confidence but also gives you a new outlook towards life and towards nature and its astounding beauty.

Bhagusunag waterfall: The white beauty


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We then traveled to Bhagsunag falls which apart from being an important tourist attraction during Dharamshala trip is also an important site for Hindu pilgrims as there is a temple of Lord Shiva located there. The cascading waterfall about 20 meters of height, is a marvel to look at. The entire set up of this area breathes freshness into your mind and body which takes rejuvenation to a whole new level.

Experience Kashmir in Dharamshala trip: The Dal lake

Dal Lake3

Another beautiful place that we visited in our Dharamshala trip was the Dal lake. The Dal lake is situated a few kilometers away from Dharamshala. The beautiful lake is a scenic picnic spot, surrounded by Deodar forests. The vast stretch of the forest and the beautiful trees just add beauty to the serene lake, a sight no one would ever want to miss. These are just the few places and a few memories among the many that have a special place in my heart and which I never seem to forget.

[Kareri lake trek from Mcleodganj]

Remember Dharamshala trip: A Tibetan Ecstasy

Whenever I seem to recall the memories of my trip to Dharamshala, I can never seem to forget how the beautiful roads unwind into something more beautiful, more enchanting. The beauty of this place is evergreen, not only in reality but also in the thoughts of those who have had the chance to visit this heaven on Earth.

For me Dharamshala will always be that one favorite place which I can compare to all the beautiful things around the world and never get tired of talking about it. It’s the place I would want to visit again and again, and it’s the kind of place where no matter how many times I go will still give me new memories which will always resonate in my mind. I’d like to end this by saying that Dharamshala will be that one ultimate holiday destination for me, the kind that I can never get enough of.



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