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A song of Cloud & Mountain – Triund trek blog

Hello people! Welcome to my humble effort of Triund trek blog to capture the adventure of our all girls group.

So it was a seven girl’s trip to Triund. We took a direct bus from Dehradun to Dharamshala. Paid little extra to reach Mcleodganj for the same bus.

There are  3 distinct part of this Triund trek blog that captures our beautiful and fulfilling journey. How we reached Mcleodganj, description of trek and description of stay at Triund hilltop.

We took a taxi to reach “Shivshakti retreat “guest house which was our meeting point. We booked a two days one night package from  In case you have spare time you can rent room for 2-3 hours with just Rs. 100 per person.

After breakfast, at around 10.30 am. We started for our trek. It’s a 9km trek to the Triund hills.  I would suggest you take a lot of warm clothes because it really gets chilly at night. I literally couldn’t sleep owing to the cold getting on my nerves.

It’s better on your part to get trekking stick if you are a person who is not much involved in physical activities as it really gets tiring through those sunny hilly treks.

Carry as much as water bottle, plus chocolates for instant energy. There are few points where you can refill your water. Have Maggi, or buy some woolen caps, gloves, socks as per your choice. I bet they are never a waste and you would just get a relief at night that you bought those.

It’s mostly a moderate trek. You can directly  take a 2km taxi to the main point where the trek starts else you can directly start from your point of stay through those dense enchanting trees which is the route that we took. Probably too good for a basic warm up.

Triund trek Blog

Towards Triund hilltop


Triund trek Blog

Towards Triund hilltop

Ain’t this beautiful? The tall trees were looking dangerously enchanting holding beautiful secret of the mountains.

Triund trek Blog

Triund hill from distance

After travelling 2km you reach the starting point of the trek where you need you mark your entry and thus proceed. For a while you can enjoy the beautiful view of the Mcleodganj town, the other side of the beautiful mountains and you can actually see your destination! Yes right the Triund hills (2800metres).

As it was our first trek we took a lot of breaks in between. Too many breaks that our guide was almost frustrated. They provide us packet lunch though I mostly preferred Maggi at the rest points. Warm enough and everything gets automatically yummier when you are dead exhausted!

The trek gets a little tougher as we proceed forward. Too many rocks thus you should be well equipped with really good shoes. You can also carry volini, relispray with you in case your feet hurt more. (If you are more of a delicate person).

Triund trek blog

Magic view Cafe

When you reach magic view, you know you have almost completed half of your trek. Almost a sigh of relief. You can refill your bottles here, rest for a while and begin again! Yeah again. Walk walk!  But all your tiredness goes in a blink as soon as you reach those beautiful hills of Triund, the greenery, the cute colorful tents.

Triund trek blog

Beautiful tents waiting at Triund

We reached there at almost 5.30, the time when the sun had a beautiful orangey effect of its own. Yes the time for a beautiful sight of the sun setting between the hills. You can have a warm cup of hot tea wrapped around your cold hands; take a sip among the mesmerizing hills. Pictures of this Triund trek blog may not justify the beauty we experienced there

Triund Trek blog

Setting sun

If you want a cool Silhouette pic! You are at the right place!

Triund trek blog

Silhouetteed at Triund

I would probably rate these clouds hugging the mountain as the most heavenly treat to the eyes!

Triund trek blog

Bonfire at Triund

Beat the cold with the bonfire.  Carry your speakers along with you if you are music freak. Sing, dance coz it’s your night in Triund! We ended up having delicious chicken for the dinner!  Thanks to TripHippie! The guides, people were wonderful !

Triund trek blog

Good morning! Triund.

Wake up to a beautiful sunrise! Almost sun kissed!

Triund trek blog

Beautiful sunrise

Sit there! Watch those majestic mountains! Welcome the peace!

Triund trek blog


Walking up to those high hills, feels like conquering the world!

Triund trek blog


Green grass, blue sky. The grazing cattle, you don’t want to miss this in the morning!

Triund trek blog

Grazing cattle

Finally a goodbye to the hills. I end my journey with a pic with the furry buddy who covered the trek along with us!

Triund trek blog

Good by my furry friend!


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