Raksha Bandhan

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Travel With Your Siblings This Raksha Bandhan

People are set to celebrate Raksha Bandhan which is just around the corner. The Festival which celebrates the bond between a brother & sister, will be observed on August 7 this year. It is celebrated in many-many countries around the world,because it provides way for the answers to many problems of societies,countries & world.

raksha bandhan

Residents purchasing Rakhi on the eve of Raksha Bandan in Sector 22 Market in Chandigarh on Wednesday, August 17 2016.

The mutual trust between sibling is one of a kind. Reflect your special relationship by choosing a holiday destination depending on the things you would like to do together.

Raksha Bandhan

So pick a place & surprise your sibling with an unexpected holiday this Raksha Bandhan. Below are the 4 destinations you need to take with your siblings.

Adventure Holidays Near Mountains


It’s time to head for a trekking trip, first you will have to determine the difficulty level you are willing to go for, and decide accordingly. I suggest you should go for Roopkund Trek, which has altitude of 15,696 Ft. It starts with Lohajung situated at the elevation of 3200mts, which has narrow & curvy roads that cross from one slope of the mountain to another, but definitely, one to give you that adrenaline rush. Having a daring sibling? Than this one is the must go. Here are some flights which are connected to Kathmandu

Ayurvedic Treatment At Somatheeram Resort in Kerala

Somatheeram Resort- Kerala

Somatheeram Resort- Kerala

Had a rough week at work? Don’t worry, you can pamper yourself with some Ayurvedic Treatment in Kerala. My pick is you should go to Somatheeram Resort, which is nested on a hillock a few kilometres south of the Kovalam beach. It is the world’s first Ayurvedic resort Somatheeram. Which is Spreaded across a wide expanse of greenery, Kerala prides in Somatheeram as a getaway destination for those in search of an Ayurvedic haven away from the cacophony of city life.Here are some best deals on flights to Kochi

Campaign at Rishikesh

Rishikesh has emerged one of India’s topmost tourist destination other than being a pilgrimage spot, which it had been since years.

Cliff Jumping

From river rafting to bungee jumping, you have got a lot to keep adrenaline flowing.Indulge in adventure activities throughout the day and spend time around the bonfire around your camp as the sun goes down. Auli on the other hand is getting popular day by day for being a hotspot for campers and skiers. Air travel is the only option for the speedy travel with some connecting flights from Dehradhun.

Vacation in Goa

Goa can be a highly attractive place to visit, as the contrast in culture and lifestyle acts like a fresh breath of air.Indeed, we all deserve a week or two away from our exhausting working schedule to just whip out our sunscreen and flip flops and let the sun evaporate our worries.

Calungute Beach

You can visit Calangute which is a town in North Goa, famous for its beach. The beach is the largest in North Goa and visited by thousands of domestic and international tourists alike. The peak tourist season is during Christmas and New Year, and during the summer in May. During the monsoon season, from June through September, the sea can be rough and swimming is prohibited. The beach offers water sports activities like parasailing and water skiing, among others. Here are some best deals on flights to Goa.



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