How to Style Your Ethnic Wear for Work

Bored of wearing the same office clothes every day? Tired of those plain trousers and sober shirts? Well, we are here to the rescue. If your usual outfits don’t satiate your hunger for experimenting with different colours and patterns, head over to the Indian side. Below are the multiple ways you can perk up your office style game with some enchanting ethnic outfits.


Ethnic Skirts

Nothing is as effortless to style as an ethnic skirt. Whether embroidered, patterned or colored, skirts instantly make you look Instagram-ready – the reason for the huge variety of ethnic long skirts online. Swirl to your office in a long, bright skirt, paired with a printed long jacket for a lean and assembled look. You can take this one step further and bring out all your boring shirts from your closet. Wear your shirt as a blouse over your long skirt and create an instant style statement. Add a bold belt or have fun with accessories like silver jewellery. Experiment with patterns and fabric to bring more personality to your look.



In a competitive office environment, where you need to always put you’re A-game on, you need something light and comfortable. And since our resident queen Deepika Padukone starred in Piku, kurtis have become synonymous with comfortable office wear. Opt for long, loose kurtas in breathable fabrics to keep you agile and on the go whenever you need it. If designer kurtis are not in your budget, jazz up the ones you already have with stylish accessories and right shoes. Gone are the days when the only things you could wear with your kurtis were chudidaars or salwars. Pair your favorite kurtis with cigarette pants, long ethnic skirts and flared pants. Or you can just take the classic way and wear them with your trusted denim.



Elegance stretched out in 6 yards of fabric, grace draped together over your body – there is nothing quite like the Indian saree. And lucky for us, there are more ways to wear a saree than there are months in a year. So take out all your sarees left behind in the corner of your wardrobe, and flaunt them with all you got. You can also buy sarees online and experiment with all the bold, traditional looks you want. Pair a floral chiffon saree with a patterned blouse and some leather mules. Or opt for some classic silk and set the fashion ball rolling in office. Go one step ahead and layer your simple saree with long statement jackets. Or put on a sheer cape and let the superwoman come out.



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