Designing a Modern Kitchen

The modern kitchen is so elegant. Everything is planned out in detail based on how to maximize your efficiency in the kitchen. Not only that, but a modern kitchen draws the eyes of most guests, and is sometimes the most social space in your house. Something about the color scheme, cabinets, and counter top compliments each other in a way that draws the eye. Designing a modern kitchen is not easy, but it is simple. What I mean by that is that modern leads to a minimal design. Not exactly the type of kitchen that takes a lot of decorations. By updating your appliances, finding a great backsplash, getting the painting right, and acquiring the perfect cabinets, a modern kitchen will be born.

Updating your appliances

An important feature to the modern kitchen are the appliances. There are two kinds of appliances. First – your main appliances. You use these for cooking and prepping the meal. The secondary appliances consist of accenting the kitchen. This could be the lighting and other technology that can be used in the kitchen’s design.

For your main appliances, you will want to get an updated stove, microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, and a sink. A popular option is to get all these appliances in a slick stainless steel. This makes it very easy to blend future elements together. Just be sure that whatever main appliances you choose, you get the rest of them to match. For example, if you get a black microwave with a stainless-steel handle, you will want to have all other main appliances be black and have stainless steel located on them somewhere. The theme must stay consistent.

For your secondary appliances, you will want to look at your lighting. In most scenarios, you will want to get a light that is a cooler tone. If this is not your style, I recommend getting smart light bulbs. This will allow you to not only change the lights from cool to warm, but you will be able to paint the kitchen with elegant colored lighting. Personally, I have the LIFX bulbs and LIFX LED strips – and I love them. Paired with a Google home in your kitchen, you will verbally be able to command your lights and have them change in color and in brightness. This will add to the technology aspect of your home and really add a deeper element to your modern kitchen.


The backsplash is an element that the designer should choose based on preference. Staying within the color scheme of the kitchen, this should not be a very hard task. If you are having a hard time, go with a black or white marble backsplash. This will most likely match most kitchens and look amazing. Grey, white, and black is an important element to any modern kitchen. So, if you cannot find a backsplash you really like, go ahead and find one that consists of those elements. You will most likely find yourself pleased.


Painting can be a great option for the wall or the cabinets especially if money is tight. The best way to paint the cabinets is to get a mini roller and a paintbrush. Start by scrubbing your cabinets to clean them up. Then you will make the surface of the cabinets smoother by running 100-grit sandpaper over it. This helps with the paint sticking better. You should prime all surfaces you are going to paint. Use your angled brush and mini foam roller to apply the paint. Start with the angled brush and go over it with the roller. The best painting technique for this is to stroke the brush about 3 inches down and 2 inches up. Make sure the paint isn’t on too thick or else it will run and create streaks. Then repeat the same process with the roller.

If you are looking for good colors for a kitchen, white, gray, blue, red, yellow, and green tend to always do well. From here you can form a good color scheme based off of the main color you choose.

The perfect cabinets

Cabinets are a crucial element to the modern kitchen. Most modern kitchens do not have fancy designs on the cabinets. Honestly, they are mostly plain with no outstanding patterns. The design is in the color and the handles. It is also popular to have all the cabinets run level with each other, so the cabinets basically look like a wall – especially if there are no handles. This is a great way to blend the kitchen together creating that minimalist design. Less is more in this scenario.

When choosing the color, you want a darker tone that basically lets the cabinets sink into the kitchen. Usually, a modern kitchen will have stainless steal handles. The handles run most of the length of the cabinets. This can be easy to miss but is visually appealing once you discover it.

The modern kitchen is a wonderful thing. Taking on a project of this caliber is something you will not regret once you are finished. Good luck on your adventure!



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