5 Ways to Layer Your Fusion Dresses

Layering is not just a smart tactic to keep you cozy during the chilly season, but also a style technique that can be used to create a fashionable outfit. The key to layering is to know your complimentary pieces. Have a look at our favorite five pieces that will be perfect to layer your fusion wear with:


A fusion dress worn with a casual shirt, left unbuttoned, just spells chic in every way. Apart from being highly comfortable, it is an effortless way to layer your dress. If you wish to create some structure, cinch the outfit with a sleek belt. To keep it sophisticated, wear classy brogues or leather loafers for footwear. If you’re experimenting with prints, remember to keep it balanced. Nobody likes to look like a scrapbook with mismatched patterns.


This is one of the coolest trends that we can recommend to you. The edgy denim jacket paired with a modernistic Indian dress is all shades of great fusion wear. Whether it’s ripped, sleeveless, distressed or classic, a denim jacket is a great article to layer your fusion wear with. Opt for oxidized jewellery and ethnic baubles to create more dimensions in your outfit. While choosing the color of your jacket, look for clues in the undertones of your dress. You can style your feet in pretty ‘jutis’ and ‘jodhpuris’ for an added effect.


A decidedly fashionable addition to Indian wear, long jacket with fusion kurtas looks highly attractive to anyone. The length of the jacket, the silhouette, the elegant swish of it as you walk – these are just some of the ways it compliments its wearer. While wearing a long jacket, keep the under pieces simple and make the jacket your statement wear. Opt for bold colours and pretty prints. You can also wear it with western tops and denim, or a crop top and palazzo pants. Frankly, a long jacket makes everything look perfect and there is no reason why it shouldn’t be in your wardrobe right now.


Often ignored to the ends of our closet, a dupatta is the most underrated article of clothing. Extremely effortless to wear, it can be used in multiple ways to heighten one’s outfit. And it’s also the perfect thing you need to layer your outfit. Draping dupattas over your shoulders are so passé, we wouldn’t even think of recommending it to you here. Instead, we are all up for layering dresses dupattas in unique ways, similar to wearing knotted scarves. Twist it around your neck lose, or wear it as a cool headgear. If dupattas are too big for you, layer with stoles and scarves.


What else do women need if not a fancy cape to put to show their superhero status? Gauzy, shimmer, flowery or opaque – we are in love with the creative capes making the rounds in Indian fashion scene. Whether it’s over a saree or a crop top, or even a sleeveless kurta, capes are marvelous pieces to layer your outfit with. While wearing capes, it’s ideal to keep a consistent color theme. Pay attention to your hairstyle so the attention from your statement cape is not stolen. And don’t be afraid to wear capes with your routine outfits. Not all are meant for the wedding season.



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