Hiking Tips for a Beginner!

Living in a metropolitan city it is common to have the misconception of being trapped by tall skyscrapers. Very often, this emerging concrete jungle can take a toll on your health. You need to let yourself out into the open where you can be one with nature. Take some down time and do some light physical exercise.

Hiking is a great option. It is a mild physical exercise with low-impact. It provides various physical and mental benefits such as reducing anxiety, reducing stress, preventing lethargy and osteoporosis. Unlike working out in an air-conditioned gym, hiking will allow you to breathe in fresh air and enjoy some unpredictable scenery. If this has motivated you to go here are a few tips you should keep in mind:

Start Small – Do not underestimate hiking to be child’s play. You need to choose the right trekk for your fitness level. Estimate the time required for the trek, figure out the distance of the trail from your home, and finally, make sure you choose one that is not overexerting.

Choose the right Gear – Just because this is a hike and not a trek does not mean you will not need the right equipment. Here we are talking about light and durable hiking bags. Make sure to carry a bag with all your necessary essentials. This can include water, medicine, spare battery, snacks and other goodies. You can purchase hiking bags online since they are cheaper.

Be comfortable – It is important that you are comfortable while on a hike. This exercise lies between a leisurely walk and a strenuous trek. Thus, be sure to choose hiking pants that allow you room to breathe. Protect your head from the sun if you are going in the daytime with a cap. Carry a jacket with you in case on your way back the weather gets chilly

Check the Weather – This should be the first thing you check before you embark on your hike. Be sure that the weather conditions are clear and durable for a hike. The last thing you want is a sudden downpour.



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