10 Hidden Places in Goa That Tourists Don’t Even Know Exist

If there is anything that Dil Chahta Hai taught us, it is this that when in doubt about a vacation go to Goa! Goa is the paradise for all vacation lovers, be it for a weekend getaway, or a long relaxing holiday. Goa has something or the other to offer to everyone. However, with great popularity and tourist friendly destinations, comes the influx of people. Lots and lots of people! Goa hosts possibly the maximum number of tourists within India, from not only all over the country, but even abroad.

This arises the need to discover hidden places in Goa, which are away from the commercial eyes of the tourists, and hence are not very crowded, and give you the real essence of the place. Use cleartrip coupons to book tickets for Goa, and start exploring. Here are some of the best hidden gems all across Goa, where you can chill, away from the crowded touristy places, and catch a real glimpse of Goa. Make notes!

  • The Netravali Bubbling Lake

The Netravali Lake in Goa is situated in the quiet village of Netravali. It has gotten prominence due to the presence of bubbles on its surface, which is a sight to the eyes. The bubbles in this lake, appear in certain specific areas in an uninterrupted manner. Another strange phenomenon is that these bubbles appear to respond to a certain group of sounds, and rise quicker with each clap. The local people claim that the bubbles have a religious significance, whilst some attribute it to the presence of carbon or sulphur dioxide in the lake.

  • Savoi Plantations

If you’re looking for a fun little learning experience in organic gardening in Goa, this is the place for you! The Savoi Spice plantations house a number of plants, spices and herbs grown organically, without the use of any pesticides or fertilizers. There is even a guide which is there to tell you all about the history of the spices and its uses!

You can even learn how to make fenny, the specialty of Goa in these Savoi Plantations, and taste it fresh out of the mill.

  • Harvalem Falls

The Harvalem falls is one of those precious, undiscovered gems of Goa that offers you a quiet and calm escape from the bustling streets filled with tourists. This 50 km provides you the perfect spot to unwind, relax and enjoy some me time. It is also a delight for photographers, as it makes a picturesque sight against the Ghats.

  • Qerim Beach

The beaches in Goa are synonymous with a partying and loud music that goes on all throughout the day as well as the night. If you’re looking for tranquillity amidst all this chaos, the Querim beach serves your calling. Located in the north eastern end of Goa, the beach is filled with palm tree plantations, making it every so pretty a sight to relax all day.

  • Pequeno Island

It is little known that Goa also known as a hub of adventure sporting, with offering a number of sports underwater that let you explore the wonderful flora and fauna of the waters of Goa. The Pequeno Island is made up a small rocky beach, along with a green cover. This is a paradise for snorkelers, who are likely to spot star fishes, sea cucumbers, hawksbill turtle and many more such beautiful creatures in the waters. You can even do other adventure sports like diving, Paragliding, parasailing, and many more on the Pequeno Island.

  • Arvalem caves

Also known as the Pandava caves, the Arvalem caves date back to the 6thcentury BC. Carved out single laterite rocks, the Arvalem caves are known to have been made by Buddhist monks. The chambers in the caves are believed to have been occupied by the Pandavas during their exile. There are shivlings placed in the chambers of the caves, attracting tourists for religious purposes as well.

  • Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

Named after the pioneer himself, the Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary should be on the list of places to visit in Goa, for all the bird watchers, nature lovers and even photography enthusiasts. It is located just a ferry ride away from Ribander, and it located in the island Chorao. The migration season is the best time to visit the sanctuary, as it hosts a large number and a wide variety of birds from all parts of the world.

  • Rivona Buddhist Cave

Many people aren’t very aware of the rich Buddhist heritage in Goa, and the legacy it has left behind in all these year. Goa is home to a number of Buddhist caves and small monasteries, one of which is the Rivona Buddhist cave. It boasts of a marvellous Buddha statue in the Bhumisparsha posture, and signifies the Mahayana sect of Buddhism. It is one of the calmest places to visit due to the positive energy all around. You can meditate, do Buddhist chanting, and even explore the historic aspects on Goa in, and around the Rivona Cave.

  • Cumburjua Canal

The Cumburja Canal is a narrow, 15km stretch of highly salty water, connecting two of Goa’s main rivers- Mandovi and Zuari. The marshy banks of the canal give birth to a wonderful ecosystem, and is a favourite destination for crocodile spotting. Due to the low popularity of the canal, it is fairly less crowded, and is of the few places in Goa which will let you disconnect from the world, and live in peace.

  • Chorla Ghats

This one of the most beautiful, hidden gems of Goa, and is perfect for solitude and a quiet time. It is located on the interesting location of the intersection between the Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka borders, and lies in the northeast of Panaji. It lies on the Western Ghats and is known for it picturesque beauty. The Chorla Ghats host a number of small waterfall, Vazira Shakira Waterfall being the tallest and the most beautiful one.

A Goa vacation doesn’t sound cliché anymore, right? So pack your bags and book your tickets. Make a note of all these places, and discover Goa like never before!



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