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10 Italian Instagram Travel accounts to follow in 2019

With the new year comes new travel goals — and it can be hard to know where to start.

Instagram is a great way to discover new places around the world, it’s simple, it’s visual and it creates a quick emotional impact.

Every day you can find plenty of great brand-powered accounts and new stunning accounts, today we bring you a list of some inspiring and exciting rising stars.

I am always on the look out for Instagram feeds that can momentarily take me back to Italy, scroll down to see the ITALIAN INSTAGRAM TRAVEL ACCOUNTS YOU NEED TO FOLLOW RIGHT NOW.


  • Italian traveler and photographer, shot mostly with Canon Eos 80D, green nature and ancient monuments. 📸 @alessandro.persiani 


  • The young admin of the Instagram accounts @volgopiemonte and @volgotorino from Turin shares amazing photos of Piedmont. 📸 @gabriella_allasio


  • Strong brand design strategy by the marketer @supervinoitalia and stunning photos by the director of the association are the keys of the success of this new account. 📸 @angelinilorenzo


  • Great photos and amazing editing, Nello Sorrentino is a 29 years old photographer, incredibly colorful pictures. 📸 @nellosorrphoto


  • On this account you can see captures from some of the best hikes of the Marche region taken by the followers, they use #viaggionellemarche to be featured. 📸 FOLLOWERS


  • Amazing reposts of Italian shots. Its photography centres around showing Italian landscapes, buildings and monuments. 📸FOLLOWERS


  • Luca Battistini, he tooks amazing colorful photos, he’s surely passionate about urban and nature themes. 📸 @hatluc_84


  • Daniele Massari, a walker and traveller from San Marino, Daniele shares nature and landscape photos.  📸 @massaro_dani


  • Italian mom and photographer, she is a definition of an outdoor adventure woman, a Fuji x-Series addicted, incredible nature and landscape themes. 📸 @alessandracristalli


  • Young trekker and photographer, he captures the beauty of Italy with breathtaking drone pictures. 📸 @andrea_simonetti_96



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