Learn About the Lost Lands and Legends on a Swamp Tour in Louisiana

You may be wondering why you must visit the wetlands while New Orleans has so much to offer. We all know that life is hectic and that holidays can be the same. It is therefore essential that you take a second to stop and smell the Magnolias. This is especially true in a destination like New Orleans, where you meet all the restaurants your friends and family have told you to visit.

Rest, restore and rejuvenate

We believe that for every night spent partying during a dinner cruise in New Orleans, you should spend a relaxing and relaxing day. A boat trip through the Louisiana swamps will leave you inspired and invigorated by fresh drafts and beautiful lights as the sun dances through the moss-covered cypresses. Many travel agencies also offer transfers from the city centre, so you do not have to worry about driving or getting lost.

Mother nature in all her glory

Rest and relaxation aside, the main reason for exploring the New Orleans marshes is water and wildlife. While exploring the marshes and streams of Louisiana Bayou, you will encounter a variety of plants and animals, mammals and reptiles, both terrestrial and aquatic.

Some of the most popular land species during New Orleans Kayak Swamp Tours you will notice are deer, raccoon and wild boar. Mink is another semi-terrestrial and semi-aquatic carnivorous mammal (think Ferret, but brown) who loves to nibble on crayfish and other small bait fish. You will sometimes see these animals during a tour of the New Orleans plantations, as many of these magnificent estates were built on properties bordering the Bayou’s extensive network of rivers and marshes.

Wings, Water and Wild

Respecting the species of air and water, you will notice among the water birds stingers, ducks, cormorants, egrets and other herons. Herons are particularly cool, as they stay almost a hundred percent motionless waiting for their next shot at unsuspecting fish swimming at their feet! Also, if you are lucky, you may be able to see an owl or two, or even big American eagles! Like the alligator (more on them in a moment), the bald eagle population has increased dramatically due to years of local and national protection programs and policies.

So if you plan for New Orleans Kayak Swamp Tours then hire some travel company which guide you during your Swamp Tours to New Orleans Kayak.



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