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Best Places to Visit in Himachal 2019

1. Manali

Manali in Himachal Pradesh is perhaps the most famous tourist destination and is one the best places to visit in Himachal.The hill station in India it is situated between Pir Panjal range and Dhauladhar range of Himalaya This small yet beautiful hill station has everything a traveller can dream of. Lush green forests wide open to green meadows and gushing river of clear mountain water. It is the starting point of many famous trekking routes and the gateway to many scenic and extremely beautiful Himalayan villages. The bustling market at Mall Road is a must visit destinations if you are in Manali. Adventure activities that are available for the traveller in Manali include trekking. river rafting. hiking. paragliding etc.

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Things to do in Manali:

There is no dearth of places to visit while you are in Manali. Apart from visiting scenic and beautiful local places you can also go for outdoor activities. enjoy the roadside eateries. talk to local people or immerse yourself in a Riverside Cafe by Parvati river. Best places to visit near Manali are Rohtang Pass. Hidimba Devi Temple. Manu Temple. pandoh Dam or Bhrigu lake. Also you can go to  the great Himalayan National Park pin Valley National Park Manali sanctuary Solang Valley and Manali Nature Park.  outdoor activities include ropeway ride. ski. mountain drive. waterfall trekking. mountain trekking. and river rafting in Beas river.


How to reach Manali

Manali is reachable by air bus or train however the train being the least viable option Manali is well connected with all important cities of Northern India like Delhi. Chandigarh. Ambala. Pathankot. Shimla Dharamshala etc.

By Bus: Overnight buses are available from Delhi. Chandigarh. Shimla. Ambala etc.

By Air:  Bhuntar is nearest airport to Manali and o’clock 52 km away from Bhuntar you can avail buses taxi shared cab etc.

By Train:  Joginder Nagar is the nearest railway station  Are you can come to Chandigarh orderly or Ambala by train and then I will buses or taxis.


Best time to visit Manali

Manali can be visited in any time during the year as every season has it own charm in Manali. However monsoon is best avoided as there can be delays in extraction during community due to landslide. heavy rain etc. Best time to visit Manali is October – May


2.Hidimba Devi Temple

Hidimba Devi Temple in Manali is an ancient cave temple dedicated to Hidimba devi. wife of Bheem. the third of Pandavas and a prominent figure of Indian Epic Mahabharata.The temple is situated on a hillock and a very and quiet place. The air of the area surrounding the temple is fresh. pure and full of oxygen. which helps to relieve your stressed mind. The temple and the nearby forest is a beautiful place to have a walk and so the beauty of nature the temple is open from 8 a.m. in the morning till 7:00 p.m. in the evening everyday. Temple has a very unique construction style with wooden doorways and  multiple conical root conical roofs.  the deity of Hidimba is a sin built on a rock and is available to watch for common tourist during the daytime. People attract lots of tourist during the peak season and the area surrounding the temples consists of a market where you can buy different collectibles. ride local Yak or Horse.

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How to reach Hidimba devi temple:

The temple is situated approximately 2 km away from the central market at Mall Road of Manali you can easily reach to the temple road by bus or by auto or taxi from different parts of the city however from the temple road there is a 15 minute walk to reach the temple Gate.


Best time to visit Hidimba devi temple:

Hidimba Devi Temple can be visited any time during the year. During winter.  The temple and surrounding areas receive huge snowfall and in monsoon it receives good amount of rainfall too.  the best time to visit if from October to June.  The visiting hours starts from 8 a.m. in the morning till 7:00 p.m. in the evening there is no entry fee or ticketing is involved.



Dharamshala is known for two things one is it is the headquarters for the Dalai Lama and also for the beautiful pictures landscapes and mountains. Dharamshala has the beautiful Dal lake and other attractions like Triund and The Mighty dhauladhar Hills which makes it one of the most sought after summer destination in India. Dharamshala is divided into two parts one is the upper Dharamshala and the other part is the lower Dharamshala and put these parts of Dharamshala have beautiful Bungalows touches monasteries and landscapes. the Tibetan culture marks a strong trail Dharamshala region the hill station is known for the mother nature and the culture of Buddha dinner places for shopping where you go by Tibetan accessories and also for tracking Dharamshala is also known for its food as it is very close to the Tibetan culture and Israeli cuisines you will find hot momos and Israeli travel tourist everywhere and it is known for the beautiful cafes and popular music Dharamshala provides all kind of accommodation for all the tourist starting from  5 star hotels to dormitories

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Best time to visit Dharamshala and Dharamshala weather

The best time to visit Dharamshala Himachal Pradesh it’s between the time of March till June when it  when it has temperate climate. Dharamshala offers a plethora of weather conditions which is suitable for different types of tourists. Those who enjoy the rains can come visit in the month of July and August when the forest will be fresh and brimming with life. During the winters those who enjoy the snowfall can come and enjoy it between the month of December and February.You also catch a glimpse of the snow clad Dhauladhars which is beautiful in the moonlight.


How to reach Dharamshala from Delhi

Dharamshala Can be easily reach from Delhi by taking overnight Volvo buses from Majnu Ka Tilla or Kashmiri gate and they ply overnight. you can also take a car from Delhi and enjoy the scenic beauty of the dollars as it passes through the snow capped mountains into the deep valleys and cover the forests. You can also ticket train from Delhi to Pathankot Amritsar and you can I buy a bus to the Dharamshala area there frequent transportation which is available from all parts of India as it is one of the most popular tourist sites in India


Things to do in Dharamshala

Dharamshala is known  is known for three things -one is the beautiful Tibetan culture and their shops,beautiful Israeli cafes and adventure activities adventure activities like trekking, paragliding and other kinds of rappelling is very common in the Dharamshala region.It is a mountainous region you can go for trekking to Triund and Kareri lake, and other treks like Laka Glacier.There are high altitude treks like Indrahar pass. You can also go for paragliding in Bir Billing which is one of the favourite paragliding spots of India and the paragliding World Cup is conducted quite regularly in this parts if you like to shop for souvenirs  you can go for the Kotwali Bazar which is famous for Tibetan Handicrafts and and Tibetian artefacts there are Tibetian shops selling excellent carpets and local goods which you can buy.


4. Shimla


Shimla is the quintessential hill station which is the most popular among all of them in India .Shimla was one of the summer capitals during the colonial time British Raj. The beautiful place is thronged with tourist during all season is special in the winters when there is snowfall. The whole city is a tourist place with beautiful landmarks both religious and cultural in nature.

Shimla is an amalgamation of various cultures and religion is coming in one page on at one hand we have sankatmochan and Kalibari which is the Hindu temples on the other hand we have tortured black monasteries and Saint Michael’s cathedrals and Christ church .Major attraction of Shimla is the Kalka to Shimla railway track which is one of the World Heritage site and it takes to the beautiful railway route through the mountains and is a treat for the visitors. The place which is for the most visited in Shimla is known as the Seven Hills which are a culmination of Hills named by the British known as Summer,Prospect ,Panchgani , Jakku , Elysium, Observatory and others

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How to reach Shimla from Delhi

Shimla can be read by different ways from Delhi you can take a bus from Majnu Ka Tila or Kashmiri gate and go up to Shimla there are Volvo buses plying almost everyday with comfortable seating arrangements. you can take trains from New Delhi railway station and the boat at Shimla. you can also take a car ride which is particularly beautiful given the picturesque scenarios


The best time to visit Shimla and Shimla weather

 the best time to visit Shimla depends on how the tourist is. if you are loving the winter season are the snow you can visit in the month of January February and March when there is heavy snowfall and you can play with this no. it is one of the major attractions wearing the same period because people come in for the snowfall. if you are loving the summer you can come during the summer seasons and when there is the temperature is quite present and you can visit all the places nearby. The number of tourist during the monsoon is particular less because Shimla receives a huge amount of rainfall.


5. Dalhousie

Dalhousie is one of the most favourite tourist spots in Himachal and is known for the Majestic buildings and the lovely landscapes. The hillstation has one of the best Bungalows and will take you back to the British Raj with some classic Victorian style castles .Tourists from all over the country visit Dalhousie during all seasons to see the Pinewood forests and  the Meadows which are filled with flowers, the rivers and the Majestic Himalayas with the beautiful landscape. Dalhousie provides a pleasant atmosphere on the lap of nature and is pollution free due to the environment of mountains,eadows and forests.

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Best time to visit Dalhousie and Dalhousie weather

The best time to visit Dalhousie is just after the winters during the month of March to June. reading this time the snow which has been accumulated in the month of November to January starts to melt away.In the months post March  you will see the the beautiful forest in full bloom. during the month of June the temperature rises up and you can enjoy the summer months making it a perfect destination for nature lovers and during this time the temperature is very pleasant for a beautiful walk in the Woods and for outdoor activities. Dalhousie receives moderate rainfall so you can also visit in the months of monsoon.

Best way to reach Dalhousie from Delhi

Dalhousie is accessible by  bus, train, flights and cars. It is well connected with cities like Shimla Delhi and Chandigarh ,where you can take over night buses and reach Dalhousie. The nearest railway station is Pathankot and there you can take a taxi or a bus which is easily available for  Dalhousie. You can also reach Dalhousie by cabs/taxis and it is a beautiful journey going through the thick forests and passing through valleys with the deep gorges and streams flowing by.If you are a nature lover Dalhousie is really your place to go with the high mountains and lush green meadows with Mother Nature.

Things to do in Dalhousie

In Dalhousie there are a lot of options for both nature lovers, trekkers and families. you can visit the Khajjiar which is famous for mountains and the beautiful valleys depicting romance and love for nature.If you are a adventure lover you can go for trekking and  river rafting. You can do a trek to dainkund and also to kalatop a visit to Satdhara waterfalls will also freshen up your senses. River crossing and river rafting activities are conducted on the Ravi and Saal rivers.You can also do a river rafting in one of the favourite river rafting sites in India which is on the Chamba river.


6. Kufri

Kufri is a small town in Himachal located in the Shimla district and is one of the most visited tourist spots in Himachal Pradesh.Kufri is known for Snow activities like skiing.Skiing is one of the primary adventure activities in Kufri and it is the place which receives the first snowfall during the winters.Kufri comes from a name which means a lake and it is situated around 16 km from the town of Shimla.The place is known for excellent views and deep valleys which are known for skiing adventures. Kufri is also known for trekking and Mahasu peak Trek is one of the trekking hotspots in Kufri

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Best time to visit Kufri and Kufri weather

Kufri is known for skiing and adventure activities.The best time for travellers will be in the months of summer which starts from April till June. The temperatures will be around 15-18 degrees celsius which is ideal for camping and adventure. For skiing , the ideal months will be from January to March when there will be snowfall. The winter in Kufri starts from October till March. For the best Kufri weather , it is better to visit in summers.

How to reach Kufri from Delhi

Kufri is easily reachable from anywhere as is it is only 20 kilometres from Shimla.You can reach Shimla by air and via flights from Delhi and Kullu.You can also reach Shimla and then travel to Kufri by train to the train station is Kalka which is very near to Shimla.A nature lover will enjoy the Kalka Mail or Shimla Kalka road railway which is one of the Heritage Sites .If you are planning to travel via road you have very good road connecttivity to Kufri  from Shimla as well as from Delhi.

Things to do in Kufri

Kufri is known for Snow activities like skiing and snow scootering.There is one more activity which is known as tobogganing in Kufri, this popular activity has been a  favourite for tourists,as you can do this activity with your friend on yourself a slide down a slope of Ice and down.You can also visit nearby places like the great Himalayan National Park.While in Kufri, take a yak ride which are quite famous and besides enjoying the ride on thse fluffy animals ,you can also see the beautiful mountains and landscapes and the gorgeous used while you are on the route.When you are visiting the Himalayan National Park you can also go for a visit to the Indian tourist park.For trekking enthusiasts, the highest peak in the Kufri region is the Mahasu peak which you can go by trekking or horseback.


7. Kullu

Kullu is one of the best places to visit during all the seasons. It is one of the adventure hubspots in India and has been the hubspot for romance and adventure seekers.Kullu is very similar to Manali and is known for high altitude treks and mighty forests overlooking the beautiful Himalayan ranges which are the Dhauladhars and the Pir Panjals.The pine and deodar trees make the place mesmerizing and an ideal location for a holiday with friends and family.Kullu is sitauted at a height of around 1200 metres from MSN and due to its vast green vegetation ,it is a well known destination for photography.

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Best time to visit Kullu and Kullu Weather

Kullu is visited all year long and the best time will be during the summers.During the months of March till June ,Kullu is the best season for travel.If you are a enthusiast for snow,winters are the best for visiting Kullu and you can also enjoy the might snow clad Himalayas which are near Kullu and Manali.The Raghunath temple is one of the most visited spots during the winters.In the monsoons, Kullu receives heavy rainfall and there are chances of landslides.

How to reach Kullu from Delhi

Kullu can be easily reachable from Delhi via road ,rail and air.

Kullu can be easily reached by direct buses from Delhi which operare under the state transport bus, volvo buses and other local buses from Kashmere Gate and Majnu ka Tila. You can take a flight from the Delhi to Kullu.You can also take a cab from Delhi and enjoy the scenic and pictureque views from your car.

Things to do in Kullu Himachal Pradesh

Kullu in Himachal Pradesh is known for adventure activities and the letter of adventure activities starting from tracking to camping to River rafting check to Prashar Lake is one of the most enjoyable hikes in the Kullu region Prashar Lake offers a breathtaking view of the solid are mountains and the Himalayan ranges the Rangers which are visible from Prashar Lake are the Kinner and Pir Panjal along with dhauladhar and the Rohtang Pass, river rafting is another activity which Kullu is famous for the river rafting takes place on a 14 km river stretch on Beas and it is the one of the most enjoyable stretches of rafting starting from Piri to Ziri. Kullu offers Adventures for everyone air water at the sky, and when the sky is in concern you can go for paragliding which is one of the most famous activities in the Kullu region, this paragliding tools at random in nature and will take around 35 minutes for a round to up in the sky when you fly like a bird and you can see the beautiful Himalayan valleys and Ranges.

bicycle rides is a screenplay writing experience in the Kullu region where you have bicycles for rent and if you want to go for a longer hike you can take the Bhrigu Lake Trek  aur Kheer Ganga Tosh Trek.


8. Mcleodganj

Mcleodganj is a beautiful hill station which is very popular among the trackers and is located in the upper Dharamshala region. the place is the home of the Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama and is also known as little Lhasa. Mcleodganj has one of the most beautiful landscapes in Himachal Pradesh and it attracts a lot of tourist and Packers all over the world. there are towns like bhagsunag and Kangra  which is favourite among the tourists. McLeod Ganj is also famous for tracking and a lot of trekking route start from this place for example there will be tracking to triund. kareri Lake. laka Glacier. and the other checking root also which goes up up to the indrahar pass. it is also famous for monasteries like namgyal monastery and sugar Khan where the Dalai Lama recites. their beautiful lakes like Dal lake and Queens Meadows very can rest and feel nature

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Best time to visit Mcleodganj and Mcleodganj temperature

Mcleodganj snow during the winter months and so the best time will be to visit during the months of October to the month of February which is the winter season during the after February there is heavy snowfall and most of the roots are closed due to heavy snowfall the summer season also very beautiful with fresh flora and fauna and it takes place between March and June. due to excellent weather and summer temperatures just around 22 degree Celsius and winters with temperatures and snowfall ranging from – 1 Degree Celsius to 9 degree Celsius Mcleodganj is a favourite for tourist who is having a quiet weekend Getaway from Delhi. Mcleodganj is less visited during the monsoon season at as it gets Torrentz will rain Falls due to his height above the mean sea level and its best you should  not go during the months of July and August as it receives torrential downpour.

How to reach reach Mcleodganj

Mcleodganj is well connected with roads and if you are travelling from Delhi you can take a bus from Delhi which opens from Majnu Ka Tilla of Kashmiri gate and travel up to Dharamshala. overnight Volvo buses which apply from this location to Dharamshala. once you reach Dharamshala you can take a cab for a bus and will drop you at Mcleodganj. if you are travelling by train you can the nearest railway station will be Pathankot railway station or Amritsar where you can take a bus from the to McLeod Ganj. Roadways are also particularly beautiful for self drive and it will take around 6 to 7 hours to drive from Delhi to Mcleodganj.

Things to do in Mcleodganj

Mcleodganj is famous for monasteries.cafes and trekking. McLeod Ganj is hub for trekking and you can go for the Triund trek which starts from Mcleodganj and from there you can go to laka Glacier and indrahar pass Trek.Mcleodganj  is also the starting point of the Kareri Lake trek which starts from Mcleodganj and goes up Ghera village to kareri. there are a lot of cafes as you start checking from tune on the way there.


9. Fagu

Fagu is one  of the most beautiful and scenic places in Himachal. it is located  very close to Kufri and Shimla and is and is surrounded by the Western Himalayan ranges and the Shivaliks which also from the border of Punjab.This scenic place is known for trek base camps and windy evenings.Fagu is one of the base camps of many tracks with start in the Himachal region.This village is famous for  temples which is known for the offerings of Bhantia Devta and the temples are examples of excellent craftsmanship of wooden carvings.

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Best time to visit Fagu and Fagu weather

The best time to visit Fagu will be during the month starting from October to May. during this time will be the most scenically beautiful areas of Fagu lit up with the best of flora and fauna.Fagu enjoys a very temperate climate during this month.Tourists who are attracted to snow can come during the month of January and February where there is heavy snowfall and you can enjoy the snow clad mountains and the thick forests.

How to reach  Fagu

Raghu can be reached from Shimla which is in a driving distance of around 25 minutes. the nearest airport is the Shimla airport. if you are travelling from Chandigarh you can reach there in a four hour drive from the Chandigarh city. who is surrounded by very beautiful places like Kufri mashobra and tell this all within 50 km from Fagu

Things to do around Fagu

Fagu is a beautiful place located in apple orchards and valleys and its one of the most ideal location for activities like skiing.During the snowfall and in the winter season. it is also a very beautiful spot for picnic and family get together.During the summer. who is also famous for tracking activities and has been a place where trekkers can hike up to a height of 8000 feet.which is one of the highest point in the Shimla region. The trek goes through the Hindustan Tibet road and goes through the Kinnaur region up to the Tibetan border.For adventure junkies the dense forest and the high mountains provide a place where they can see virgin forests and trail marks which are relatively new.


10. Khajjiar

Khajjiar is our own little Switzerland! The mesmerizing beauty of hills and forests surrounded all around Khajjiar takes away your breath. The hill station is situated about two thousand meters from sea level with Dhauladhar ranges foiling from the foothills. You can even see the Himalayan peak at a distance from here.

Things to do in Khajjiar

People enjoy many activities here like horse riding, paragliding, Zorbing, etc. Horse riding is found to be the most popular sport in Khajjiar. You can visit the Khajjiar lake situated at about nineteen hundred and twenty meters from the sea level, located between two cities Dalhousie and Chamba Town. The view of vast green landscapes and forests of cedar trees surrounding the lake is worth every penny you would spend to be at the place. Khajjiar is a destination for many trekkers to start their trek famously known as khajjiar trek which is about fourteen km long trek amongst the beautiful and wide range of Deodar and Pine treks.

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Best time to visit Khajjiar and Khajjiar Weather

You can visit this hill station at any time of the year. The forests and hills surrounded, amplifies the pleasant climatic conditions. If you want to enjoy the snowfall, winters during January and February are the best time to visit this place. Though trekking might be a problem during this time and some roads might not be open to continuing to, due to heavy rainfall. This might spoil your trip. You must check the weather forecast before planning, and hence must avoid it if there are chances of heavy rain. April to July would be the best and accurate time to visit the place with moderate temperature and might even release you from scorching heat from other areas.

How to reach Khajjiar

Khajjiar is a small town in Chamba district from about twenty-four km from the famous hill station Dalhousie. Pathankot railway station is the best and easiest way to reach the place, and they can opt for either a taxi or bus from Pathankot to Khajjiar.

11. Kasol

Our own little Amsterdam, Kasol is the first place that comes in your mind if you love trekking and if you have ever watched ‘Ye Jawani Hai Deewani’ the movie is like a fever amongst the youth and my personal favorite. Anything put into words seems less when we talk about Kasol. Amongst the suburb of Kullu, Kasol catches the breath with heart-stopping views. Situated in the middle of Bhuntar and Manikaran, on the banks of Parvati River in the Parvati valley, Kasol is the hotspot of backpackers with exciting treks underneath like Malana and Kheerganga.

Things to do in Kasol

Kasol is the perfect destination to walk by the banks of Parvati river, finding your inner soul and interact with inner peace. Kasol is just about six km from Manikaran and is famous for Manikaran Gurudwara. When at kasol, Manikaran Sahib is a must visit the place. Walk down to Mlana, which is also referred to as small Greece, and it is the perfect place to start trekking to Tosh and Kheerganga. Walking through the forest to reach the top has its adventure.

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Best time to visit Kasol and Kasol weather

Kasol is well known for the forests surrounding the place and hence if you wish to explore the wilderness, May and June are the best time to visit Kasol. Kasol is impressive throughout the year, but the weather is terrific from June to October. If you wish to experience chills like Switzerland, you must visit from October to February.

How to Reach Kasol

Although Kasol lacks direct connectivity through rail or air, you can always reach the destination via Bhuntar or Manikaran. You can catch a flight to Bhuntar and then find a bus to reach Kasol or the direct bus from Delhi. You can also hire a taxi and reach directly, without a hustle of public transport.


12. Kasauli

Got its name from a flower ‘kasool’, Kasauli is a small hill station from Himachal Pradesh. It is the most chosen place amongst all aged group people around the globe for vacation. It at the height of about one thousand nine hundred and twenty-seven meters above sea level and takes away your breath with its beauty, especially during the Rainy season. The city makes a synonym from ‘time wrap’ and truly stands for it, by giving an unforgettable time during holidays, making everyone forget about every stress and tension.

Things to do in Kasauli

Kasauli is enclosed with rich habitat and forest with pine, oak trees in the middle of wildflowers. While at Kasauli, you must visit the Timber trail, it is just about seven km from the city. Kasauli is famous for the monkey point. Being at a high peak, one can enjoy the beautiful views around, the river Sejal flowing down the valley and the plains of Chandigarh. It is a mere two km from the city. Mall Road is the most visited marked by the tourists who visit the city. With new stalls and shops, selling the stuff which inhabits the taste of Himachal culture are worth looking for and putting hands on.

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Best Time to visit Kasauli and Kasauli weather

Although one can visit Kasauli throughout the year as it experiences a moderate climate all over. The best time to visit this hill station is from April to November with temperature varying between ten and twenty degrees. You can feel relaxed from the scorching heat during summers and hence can plan the vacation here during May and June.

How to Reach Kasauli

You can opt to go by air, by catching a flight to Chandigarh and then either can find a bus to Kasauli or hire a taxi for the destination. You can opt for rails by catching a train till Kalka and then see a coach from there. There is no bus connecting to Kasauli directly from Delhi and hence can opt the journey by road by either driving by oneself or hire a taxi.

13. Manikaran

Known for its pilgrimage and hot springs, Manikaran is situated in the Parvati valleys. Surrounded by hills and forests, it has become a vacation spot. Manikaran is the nearest spot to visit next from Kasol and enjoy the thrilling experience of trekking and other adventure sports. It is mere thirty-five km from Kullu and is located at the height of one thousand seven hundred and sixty above sea level. The best thing about visiting Manikaran is the journey that leads to it. Roads making their ways from the forests and by the edges of hills gives away a daunting yet exciting and beautiful experience.

Things to do in Manikaran

Manikaran is famous for its hot springs. The water has some radioactive elements dissolved like Uranium and is believed to cure diseases. The hot water relaxes your body and calms your mind. The hot springs are a fascinating place to visit. Sri Guru Nanak Devji Gurudwara is the other most visited place of Manikaran. Many people from a long distance visit the gurudwara to pray for their wishes. Many believe that this Gurudwara was visited by Guru Nanak himself, along with his five disciples. Kulant Pith is another pilgrim famously known in Manikaran. It is understood that Lord Shankar stayed there for some time, and is a highly impressive place to visit.

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Best time to visit Manikaran and the weather in Manikaran

One can visit Manikaran throughout the year. If you wish to enjoy the winter and chills, a suitable time to visit this place is from November to February. You can enjoy hot springs most during this time. It experiences the most pleasant weather during May and June and is the best time to visit the place where the temperature rises to a maximum of seventeen degrees and minimum to five degrees.

How to reach Manikaran

There is no direct way to reach Manikaran but can always catch a connecting bus from the respective places. One can fly to Bhuntar and then pick either bus to Manikaran from there or hire a taxi, Bhuntar is also connected to all the major cities like Delhi, Pathankot, Chandigarh and hence can find the connecting bus easily. One can also catch a train to Pathankot and then can either hire a taxi or see a coach to reach the destination.


14. Chail

Chail is the most beautiful hill station in Himachal Pradesh. Located in the middle of Shimla and Solan, this place takes away your breath with its mesmerizing views and surroundings.  Maharaja Patiala built a palace at this place as an outstation to relax during summers when there was a British Raj. Since then, Chail is best known for its architecture. The refreshing and virgin forests multiply the beauty of this hill station to a hundred times. Chail owns the world’s highest cricket ground, at the height of two thousand two hundred and fifty m from sea level.

Things to do in Chail

Camping, hiking and trekking, one can experience all the adventures altogether at one spot. There are many trekking points like Ashwani Khad, Kufri, and Junga. One can also visit the Chail wildlife sanctuary and can live into the beauty of nature. This sanctuary has a wide range of different species of birds and animals. The palace of Maharaja of Patiala is worth stepping a foot into. Situated at the perfect place with beautiful valleys and forests surrounding the Palace. The highest cricket ground is also a must visit the site when at Chail, which was also constructed by Maharaja Bhupendra Singh.

Chail temperature and best places to visit in Himachal

Best time to visit Chail and weather of Chail

Summers from April to June are considered as the best time to visit Chail. With pleasant weather and entertaining breezes, the temperature here does not rise more than twenty degrees and therefore is mostly a relaxation spot from the scorching heat. The winters here are chilly, and the temperature falls lower than two degrees. It experiences snowfall, and the place starts looking magical.

How to reach Chail

One can opt for going through rails, the nearest station to Chail is Kalka and can reach a bus from there to Chail. One can easily find buses and taxis from Shimla as it is the closest place from Shimla. One can also opt for flying to Shimla and then can either hire a taxi or catch a bus from Shimla to Chail.

15. Chamba

Chamba is a small town situated in Chamba district. It is located on the banks of river Ravi and is surrounded by dense forests and perfect eye-catching landscapes, Chamba has now become a tourist spot. With a rich history, many travelers take an interest in knowing the history behind every place they visit here. The town has many temples and is a host of two very great fares the ‘Minjar Mela’ and ‘Suhi Mata Mela’. The fare is like a seven-day feast with music, dancing and much more. Chamba is also famous for its art, and pahadi paintings. These arts and crafts originated during the late seventeenth and nineteenth century and hence are most valued.

Things to do in Chamba

You can visit the Chamera lake. The lake gives away the heart-stopping landscapes and views that visitors when visiting it once crave about more and more and tell how they can not take their eyes off from the beauty. The dam complements the lake and multiplies its beauty. One can also visit Manimahesh lake which is also called Dal lake, situated in the Pir Panjal Range; it is located at the height of four thousand and eighty meters above sea level. Usually loved by the trekkers as it is a fourteen km trek and is worth a walk when the beauty comes into the encounter. Many temples are also the centers of Chamba like Laxmi Narayan temple and many more.

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Best time to visit Chamba and weather of Chamba

The best time to visit Chamba is from May to November as it offers a delightful climate during this time. Chamba experience snowfall and during winters and have chilly cold weather from November to February. Hence if you wish to have an experience of snow, winter is a suitable time for you.

How to reach Chamba

You can catch a flight to Dharamshala and then either hire a taxi to Chamba or find a bus for the Destination. You can also catch a train to Pathankot and can easily find a connecting transport to reach Chamba. You might not see a direct bus to the town from the major cities but can easily find buses from local stations like Khajjiar, Bharmour, and Dalhousie.

16. Bir

Bir is a very sparsely populated village in the Kangra district. It is home to Buddhist monasteries and Tibetans. It is a meditation center and a place to study spirituality. This is the perfect destination for the people who are in search of inner peace as with the beauty and peaceful environment people usually gets influenced. Ruled by the Pal dynasty, Bir has a rich historic culture.

Things to do in Bir

Bir is the favorite place for paragliding pilots and is the most famous destination for paragliding. It is also known as the Paragliding capital. You can spend the best time of your life in the air at this place with the most likely view you would ever witness. Another most adventures sport takes place here is, hand gliding which starts from Billing which is about fourteen kms and Bir is the landing spot. One has to get trained to perform this sport but is one of the most exciting ones. You can meditate in the natural valleys in the Sherab Ling Monastery. It is the perfect place for the people who are seeking for peace.

Bir billing paragliding - triphippie

Best time to visit Bir and weather of Bir

Usually, people adjust their time according to the best suited time for paragliding which is best suited from April to June. Hence, the best time to visit Bir is From April to June with pleasant weather and high chances to be able to enjoy paragliding. Bir experiences massive landslides during the rainy season, and therefore one must avoid visiting here during monsoon as it is prone to heavy rainfall. Winters are chilly here, and the temperature falls lower than zero degrees.

How to reach Bir

One can catch a flight to Dharamshala and then find a bus to Bir. Bir is around sixty-seven km from Dharamshala. One can also opt for the rails, the nearest railway station to Bir is Pathankot and then can either hire a taxi or can find a bus from there.

17. Narkanda

Known as the Nagar panchayat of the Shimla district. Surrounded by the Shivalik ranges, Narkanda is just sixty-five km away from Shimla. Known for its skiing resort, it is home to many travelers during winters. It has the best apple belt is famous for apple production all across the globe.

Things to do in Narkanda

One can visit Hatu peak which is known to be as the highest peak in the entire district of Shimla. It is situated at the height of twelve thousand feet above sea level. The summit presents a view of heaven with surrounded dense forest covered in the sky, the green belt of cedar and fir seems endless with their top in the clouds. It is a mere four km from Narkanda city. Famous for the snow ranges, Narkanda is the ideal location for skiing and for the people who are looking for peace in the mountains. One must also visit Tannu Jubbar lake and can spend quality time by the water looking into the hills.

Narkanda snowfall and skiing

Best time to visit Narkanda and weather of Narkanda

If you wish to enjoy the lush green environment in the pleasant weather, then the best suited time to visit Narkanda is from May to June. The maximum temperature rises to thirty degrees, and the minimum falls to ten degrees during this time. Narkand is known for its snow belt and therefore the best time to visit this place is from November to February to experience the best sport skiing in the snow and enjoy the mesmerizing view. The town experiences moderate rainfall.

How to reach Narkanda

You can catch a flight to Bhuntar and then find a bus from there to Narkanda. Bhuntar is eighty-two km from Narkanda. You can also catch a train to Shimla which is just thirty-five km from Narkanda and can easily find a bus from there. Though there is no direct bus to Narkanda form significant cities but can easily find the connecting buses or can also hire a direct taxi for the destination.


18. Great Himalayan National Park

Himalayan National park is enriched with flora and fauna and is a habitat to three hundred and seventy-five fauna species which includes mammals, birds, mollusks, insects, amphibians and reptiles. GHNP is located in the Kullu region of Himachal Pradesh. Added to the list UNESCO’s world heritage sites, under the influence of outstanding biodiversity conservation.

Things to do in Great Himalayan National Park

It might amuse how great adventure sports you can experience while being at GHNP. You can do Repelling and Rock Climbing which gets funnies when done in a group. There are many rocks and natural walls which are very suitable for sport. There are qualified instructors with equipment to guide you through the process, and even children are most welcome here. You can also do fishing here. Sainj and Tirthan River are famous for trout fishing and therefore if you like fishing and want to experience it, this is the perfect place. The most thrilling sport amongst all is, crossing the river. With a high-pressure flow of upstream water, it is adventures to cross the river and is most refreshing during summers. Though jumping into a mountain river is very dangerous, but here, people are well trained and equipped to keep you out of danger.

Best time to visit Great Himalayan National Park

Best time to visit the Great Himalayan National Park and Great Himalayan National Park weather

Himalayan eco-tourism organizes treks during May June and mid-September. It is the best time to visit this place to experience the best health of flora and fauna and in a pleasant climate. Winter although are not advisable to visit here, as it experiences heavy snowfall and gets very chilly. Monsoon is strictly prohibited for trekking in the national park and hence is advised not to plan during the rainy season.

How to reach the Great Himalayan National Park from Delhi

You can catch a flight to Kullu, and they can find a suitable transport from there to National Park. It is just sixty km from Kullu. You can also catch a train to Joginder Nagar which is 143 km from the Park and then either can hire a taxi or catch a bus to the destination.


19. Naggar

Naggar once used to be the capital of Kullu kingdom. It is one of the most ancient towns of Kullu situated on the banks of river Beas. It was founded by Visudh Pal, which was in existence since about fourteen hundred years ago. Naggar is famous for its castle called Naggar castle which was built by Raja Sidh Singh five hundred years ago.

Things to do in Naggar

One can visit Nagar castle which is about five hundred years old. It is a prime tourist attraction for the history connected to itself. It is a perfect blend of western and Himalayan style. Naggar is also famous for fishing and trekking spots. Many trekking trails start from Naggar and is also a base to many trekking trails. You can enjoy trout fishing at the various new locations in the mountain river. One who keeps a keen interest in art and culture, Uruswati Himalayan Folk Art Museum is the perfect destination for him. It was initially established as a research center by Russian professor in nineteen twenty-eight. He aimed to create an intellectual environment. Dagpo Shedrupling Monastery is one of the famous places for Buddhists, and one can find and study spirituality here in peace. You must visit this place to enjoy the breathtaking views and landscapes from this area.


Naggar castle timings- Best places to visit in Himachal


Best time to visit Naggar and weather of Naggar 

Autumn and Spring are the best time to visit Naggar as it has a delightful climate during this time. Hence October and November are the ideal months to visit this place. It gets chilly during winters being a hill station, and if you do not like winters, you must avoid going from November to February.

How to reach Naggar

Though is no direct transportation to reach Naggar unless you opt for the road on your vehicle. You can catch a flight to Bhuntar which is thirty-two Km from Naggar, and they can find a connecting transport from there. You can also catch a train to Joginder Nagar which is a hundred and forty-five km from Naggar and can see a bus from there.




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