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Best Places to visit near Bangalore in 2019 (with pics)

Best Places to visit near Bangalore in 2019

We bring you the best places to visit near Bangalore with your friends and loved ones .Bangalore is a city known for the cultural heritage and the pub culture whereas there are places near Bangalore which are rich in wildlife, culture,architecture and beaches.




Digitalization in India has been on an extreme in the last decade, but, want to see a real digital India, where even the “golgappa wallas” accept digital modes of payment?

We’re talking about Bengaluru or well, Bangalore!

The capital of Karnataka which is currently being stormed by every IT company ever and which has it’s own share of promising stories about its nightlife, the people it accommodates and the traffic they face.

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Things to do in Bangalore

It obviously has to begin with the very famous ‘Cubbon Park’. Located in the heart of the city, a long walk here is the perfect way to kickstart your journey.

Another must visit place is the ‘Lalbagh botanical garden’ which has a famous glass house dating back to the 1880s and also hosts two annual flowers shows.

Pyramid Valley and Commercial street should also be on the list considering this is Bangalore, the IT hub of India. Other than all these places to visit, Bangalore has a great nightlife and provides with ample places to sit around and chill with your people, and the weather of Bangalore is another very famous thing about it.

Best time to visit Bangalore, and Bangalore weather

The weather in Bangalore is a fairytale and is almost always perfect but to see Bangalore in all its glory, we would suggest to pick up the latter months of the year, starting with October. October also sees the Great Indian Octoberfest in Bangalore and with cold temperatures kicking in and the streets all shedded up, the new year in Bangalore is a perfect fairytale ending. The weather during this period will be downright amazing and this will make your stay all the more welcoming.

How to reach Bangalore

Bangalore being the IT hub of the country doesn’t come with the complications of reaching out. One can take up any means of transportation according to their suitability. For shorter distances, Bus can be preferred whereas people travelling from far away can either accommodate themselves in trains or can take up a flight.


2. Bandipur National Park


Remember the days when knowing “The National Animal of India” gave us immense happiness?

Well, it’s 2019 and humans have played a huge part in their extinction but in a bid to save them, India established a tiger reserve in 1974 in the southern state of Karnataka, the ‘Bandipur National Park’.

Being a part of rainforest and a great forest range, Bandipur national park is the best ground to be for Wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers.

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Things to do in Bandipur national park

A good mixture of species, the endangered Asiatic wild elephants, tigers, horn-bills, pythons and sloth bears, this is your heaven if you’re into Wildlife. Being a part of the Nilgiri forest range, the right mix of nature and wildlife also means a golden opportunity for the photographer in you. Jeep safari is a must, the wilderness is truly blissful, you can also take on an elephant ride if you really want to feel the place and if you are willing to try your best at sighting a ‘tiger’, the Wildlife Safari in Chamarajanagar is your best bet.


Best time to visit Bandipur national park and Bandipur National Park weather

The best time to visit the park is Winter or the ending months of summer, as both these seasons will provide ample opportunities for the jungle safari and the changing weather also means a good experience out with nature.

October – March is the best time to visit the park, as during this period mist covers all that is around, making it very pleasant for the visitors whereas the second best would be from March – June, as you can spot as many animals and it’s worth giving a shot despite it being a high-temperature season.


How to reach Bandipur national park from Bangalore

Other than it’s enchanting forests and wildlife, Bandipur National Park also sees a road across the reserve which connects Karnataka to Kerala.

As it is situated on the Mysore-Ooty road, the best way of reaching is either through Bangalore or Mysore. The nearest domestic airport is Coimbatore, around 80 km and the nearest railway station is Mysore which is roughly the same distance. The connectivity by on-road vehicles is in abundance too.


3. Chikmagalur

Chikmagalur, the coffee land, the resting lush and green beauty in Karnataka, and also a revival point for the people living their life on the edge in Bangalore. With the abundance of mountain ranges, caves, waterfalls, grasslands, forests, nature and wildlife around, Chikmagalur is a one-in-all location, and for a bonus, obviously, there are a lot of coffee plantations around.


Things to do in Chikmagalur

If you’re here, you can’t miss the Mullyanagiri trek, the highest peak in Karnataka! Baba Budangiri caves come next, which has 3 holy cave shrines. Third on the list is Jhari waterfall, which is a very beautiful and picturesque location. For the wildlife lovers, Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is just northwest to Chikmagalur and Mutthodi forest also should be on your list. Charmadi Ghat is another very beautiful and unexplored location and given you reach here at the right time, this place is pure heaven! Apart from all these places, there are a lot of other temples, waterfalls and hiding spots around, so wake up the traveller in you and try and explore Chikmaglur your own way, because this place has beauty residing everywhere possible!

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Best time to visit Chikmagalur and Chikmagalur weather


The best time to visit Chikmagalur is definitely in the Winters when it is chilling in it’s lowest temperatures amidst mist, fog and beauty, which buckles up a completely different look during the chilly months. Winter also sees Chikmagalur’s coffee plantation which is a highlight of the place. Although the weather in Chikmagalur is pretty enjoyable throughout the year, Winter is the best time to visit it.

Monsoon too is not a bad time to visit this place as the lush green mountains are on a high in this season and the waterfalls take a greater facade altogether. The weather is absolutely amazing and the place looks a bliss. So, September-March can be considered as a great time to visit this place.


How to reach Chikmagalur

The nearest airport to Chikmagalur is the Mangalore Airport which is around 113kms away.

The nearest railway station is at Kadur, which is about 40kms away.

You can take taxis from both these locations to reach Chikmagalur. Apart from this, the connectivity of state transport buses from all the nearby cities like Bangalore or Hubli or Mangalore is pretty great as well.


4. Coorg

Haven’t we all heard those generic terms like ‘Scotland of India’ and ‘Kashmir of Karnataka’?

Well, they do refer to a cosy and beautiful place residing in Karnataka named Kodagu or famously, as we all know it, Coorg!  

With its lush green valleys, enchantingly beautiful hilltops, and forests and a lot more, Coorg is indeed a hidden gem from Karnataka.


Things to do in Coorg

The Abbey falls: Undoubtedly the best place to visit in Coorg, the Abbey falls present a breathtaking scenery of nature. Flowing down from the humongous mountains with misty clouds building a picturesque background, this is a place of beauty. It is also a very good spot for trekking. Apart from this, Mallali falls and Irrupu falls are amazing locations as well.

Omkarewshar temple: A temple of Lord Shiva, with a beautiful lake in front and a beautiful mix of Gothic and Islamic architectural styles which gives it an impression of a Muslim dargah, this temple would leave you wondering about the ancient architectural work and skill.

When done with these locations, driving around Coorg is a beautiful experience in itself due to the green it booms, the coffee plantations it beholds and the connection to nature it provides.

Coorg best time to visit - best places to visit near Bangalore

Best time to visit Coorg and Coorg weather

Coorg being the beautiful hill station of Karnataka becomes one of the most visited and preferred destinations for travellers. It possesses pleasant weather because of the tropical climate throughout the year making it an apt location to visit where the best time to visit the place is mainly from October to May, however, the place can be visited in different seasons as well as weather is pretty favourable, here days go on with cool breeze of air whereas nights can be a bit chilly making it a perfect escape from the summer heat.


How to reach Coorg

The nearest airport to Coorg is about 135kms in Mangalore. The nearest railway station is about 120kms, at Mysore. After reaching both these places, you can either get a taxi or a state transport or private bus. Coorg is well connected by road to all the major cities of Karnataka and so reaching it by road too wouldn’t be a problem as such.


5. Hampi

Remember how we studied about ancient Indus valley civilization back in school? The first thing that comes to mind when you read about this is “Hampi”.

An ancient village located in Karnataka, a UNESCO declared world heritage site, a place which holds the utmost information about the Dravidian civilization, filled with mesmerizing temples, ruins of palaces and various ancient markets and buildings.

How to reach Hampi from Bangalore- Triphippie


Things to do in Hampi

Hampi has a divine mix of history and adventure and this makes it like no other. Filled with temples, monuments and market, it is not possible to list out all the places worth a visit, but a list of them would start from Virupaksha Temple, the main temple from the Vijaynagar empire and the oldest temple in Hampi, moving on to Vittala temple, a temple filled with astounding structures and details. Locations such as The Kings Balance, Queen’s bath, Lakshmi Narasimha monument, Hemakuta hill and Lotus Mahal are also on the list. It is a heaven for photographers, travellers and architecture enthusiasts all at once.


Best time to visit Hampi and Hampi weather

Undoubtedly the best time to visit Hampi is in Winter, from the month of October to February. Visiting Hampi in this period gives you ample opportunities to explore it to the fullest and get all the views possible. This period provides you with more time as exploration during the day time is also very much pleasant. Visiting Hampi during the Monsoon wouldn’t be too bad if you’re a backpack traveller and looking for budget travel. It would be advised not to travel to Hampi in summer as scorching temperatures would make it absolutely difficult to explore the place and you might end up wasting your time relaxing.

How to reach Hampi

The nearest and best place to reach Hampi from is a little town located very close by, named Hospet. Hospet sees good train connectivity from major cities in India and provides with major travel connections and hotel options. The nearest airport is Hubli at about 160kms and the second closest is Belgaun at about 270kms. Hospet also sees good connectivity of road transport and so that too isn’t a problem.


6. Mysore

A place which best stands for dynasty, culture, heritage and peace at the same time. The biggest city of Karnataka is very well known for its cleanliness and helpful nature. Mysuru or Mysore is rich in traditional vibe and that’s what brings in the travellers to the city.

Things to do in Mysore

As Mysore is known for its traditional and cultural values, it has a lot of tourist attraction for its heritage monuments and has many places in store for people to explore. First up is Mysore Palace, it possesses fine crafting and architecture which makes it one of the most visited places in India. For people who are culturally driven, it has a lot in the store for them like Keshava Temple, Venugopala Swamy Temple. You can touch the nature by visiting Chamundi Hills and can give the photographer in you a chance to explore by visiting Devaraja Market which can make for one of the best clicking scenes to visit.

kingdom of mysore from Bangalore - best places to visit near BangaloreBest time to visit Mysore and Mysore weather

Mysore being one of the most beautiful sights to witness should most definitely be visited during Monsoons and Winter. It has pleasant weather throughout the year because of having a tropical climate but one should witness its beauty either from October to February or June to September because of cooler vibe and heavy rains, in both cases, it makes a good deal for the travellers coming in.


How to reach Mysore

Mysore being one of the most visited cities in Karnataka paves the way for visitors easily and provides wider connectivity. People can take up a flight for long distances or trains can be preferred too. For shorter distance, one can take a bus whereas people can also come driving by themselves via cars or two-wheelers.


7. Shivanasamudra Falls

‘Shiv-samudram’, which literally translates to ‘Shiva’s sea’ is a beautiful and soulful waterfall located in Mandya district, Karnataka and is truly an enchanting beauty of nature. Situated on River Kaveri, Shivsamudra falls is a division of Kaveri into two parts that form two waterfalls, one named Gaganachukki and the other named Bharachukki, collectively known as Shivsamudra falls. A huge waterfall flowing down from a bed of rocks from a height of over 320 feet, if this doesn’t leave you in awe, nothing might!


Things to do at Shivanasamudra falls

If you’re a nature and wildlife enthusiast, this place will make you feel as serene as it gets. With a horsetail shaped waterfall falling on from a tremendous height, this is indeed your place to be.

For photography lovers, this is your time to press that shutter, Shivsamudra falls are a scenic beauty and provide some breathtaking views.

You can spend some quality time with yourself at this place and a glance at this will truly make you feel peaceful!

An interesting way to watch the waterfall is by taking a coracle ride to the mouth of the waterfall. Barachukki also has a section of waterfall where the water flows less in volume which makes it possible to play and bath in that area.

After you’re done satisfying your soul, Shivasamudra also has some nearby places you can visit while you’re there. The nearby attractions include Mekedatu, Chunchi Falls, Sangam, Pyramid valley, Sriangapatna etc.

shivanasamudra falls nearby places-best places to visit near Bangalore

Best time to visit Shivanasamudra Falls and Shivanasamudra falls weather

Best time to visit a waterfall? Has to be monsoon!

June-September and a good monsoon see water flowing in its vividness in Kaveri and the waterfalls would be in their beastly best. This time will also provide with scenic views. Winter/Summer is also a not so bad time if you want to go till the bottom.


How to reach Shivanasamudra Falls from Bangalore

The best way to reach Shivasamudra is by getting a taxi from Mysore, as it is both, the closest airport and the closest railway station. The road connectivity to both these falls is not that great which means there are not a lot of buses coming in and out here, but travellers coming from outer states can take a flight to Bangalore/Mysore and get a cab. It is well connected by road to the neighboring towns and cities.



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