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Hi Traveler,

Welcome to Triphippie blog, our abode to publish amazing travel stories and we hope you have been enjoying reading them. At Triphippie we love to read, write and share our experiences with the world. But with one condition, everything should be around Travel.

TripHippie is a travel portal with an aim to connect global traveler with local experts. Whether you are a travel guru or a solo traveler who has traveled far and beyond known territory or a city dweller who just came back from an awesome weekend outing to the nearby hillstation, you all are welcome to share your experience with the global traveler community via TripHippie blogging platform.

Just make sure that you follow the below simple guidelines while sharing your post:

  • Your post should cross at least 500 words
  • Your post should contain at least 3 – 5 high quality relevant images
  • Images must be free of any copyright. Whatever material you post in TripHippie blog, TripHippie will be free to use the reuse/edit/delete content without any obligation.
  • Your post should not contain more than 3 hyperlink i.e. do not use excessive hyperlinking.

Don’t use TripHippie blogging platform for:

  • Using abusive language
  • Promote hate, racism or religious propaganda


  • Sum up your Trip experience in crisp manner
  • Make your write up an informative one by providing useful information about stay, food, to do list and other travel options for fellow travellers
  • Add as many as beautiful images. We all know a picture tells a thousand words.


  • Categorize it under right category
  • Publish the awesome write up you have prepared
  • Add a brief ‘About you’ section so that readers know the face behind the blog


  • Share the link in social media and let the world know that you travel
  • Become a Travel expert and keep helping other travellers

[Have a travel story? Publish it now]

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