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  • Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh

    Bungee Jumping


    ₹ 3400/-

  • Paragliding at Bir Billing

    Paragliding at Bir Billing

    Himachal Pradesh 

    ₹ 2000/-

  • The Malana Tosh trek

    The Malana Tosh Trek:

    Kasol,Himachal Pradesh

    ₹ 1900/-

  • The Nag Tibba Trek

    The Nag Tibba Trek


    ₹ 3500/-

  • The Chopta Deoriatal Trek

    The Chopta Deoriatal Trek

    5 days/4 night -Haridwar

    ₹ 6900/-

  • Meesapulimalai Trekking and Camping

    Meesapulimalai Trekking and Camping


    ₹ 2700/-

  • Spiti Valley Road Trip

    Spiti Valley Road Trip

    Himachal Pradesh

    Special Price ₹ 12350/-

  • Prashar Lake Trek

    Prashar Lake Trek

    Mandi Himachal

    ₹ 2500

  • The Everest Base Camp Trek

    The Everest Base Camp Trek


    ₹ 35000/-

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