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  • Trekking in Himachal...
  • Trekking in Uttarakhand

    Uttarakhand is known as ‘Devbhhomi’ ,which means ‘Land of Gods’, from ancient times. Treks in Uttarakhand take you to the high abode of Himalayas. Uttarakhand treks are very famous among the trekkers due to the access to sprawling meadows, high passes, gurgling river streams and pristine lakes Depending on the availability of time you can opt for some short treks in Uttarakhand or one day treks in Uttarakhand or some long treks in Uttarakhand. Uttarakhand also is the land of Haridwar and Rishikesh which are not only the spiritual capital of the state but adventure capital too. River rafting in rishikesh, Bungee jumping in rishikesh can be a perfect appetizer for your actual trek in this land of snow and mountain peaks.

    Trekking in Uttarakhand is lifetime experience of feeling complete wilderness of high altitude of Himalaya. Uttarakhand treks provide travellers an opportunity to taste different lifestyle, cultures and enjoy breathtakingly beautiful views of an unmatched mountain range, alpine meadows, ancient glaciers, gurgling streams and towering pines.

    Short treks in Uttarakhand: Nag Tibba trek, Kuari pass trek, Chopta Deoriatal trek, Valley of flowers trek, Kedarkantha trek

    Long treks in Uttarakhand: Rupin Pass trek, Ropkund trek, Bhaba Pass trek, Tapovan trek etc.

    Find best Uttarakhand trek packages, Uttarakhand trekking destinations, Uttarakhand trek cost and Uttarakhand trek operators in TripHippie

  • Trekking in Bangalore

    Treks in Bangalore are a cherished and fun filled active getaway from the city. Bangalore treks like Ramnagaram trek, Kunti Betta trek, Antharagange trek, Bramhagiri trek etc. are some of the famous trekking destination around Bangalore. Night treks in Bangalore are also famous outing activity. Abundance of Hills, green meadows and beautiful lakes near or far from the city creates numerous Bangalore trekking places. Mostly short treks in Bangalore are always in demand. Find Best Bangalore trekking package here as cost of trekking is quite low.

    Bangalore, with different thrilling experience, activities and the adventure trekking sites, will never seizes to amaze you. Find best trekking sites near Bangalore and start to explore them. This IT city provides excellent chance of experience some remarkable trips like Bheemeshwari camping, Kankpura camping, Camping, night camping at Ramnagaram. Availability of trekking packages suitable to your weekend treks need makes Bangalore a perfect city for young and adventure lovers

    Pitch your tents over hills or in green meadows or by the lakeside. Enjoy serene beauty of places like Bramhagiri, Antharagange, Kanakpura, Bheemeshwari etc. No two places are same. While trekking to Ramnagaram provides you to access the rustic landscape at the same time Bheemeshwari jungle camping gives a pleasant fresh green experience and Kanakpura overnight camp provides a fun filled camping with water sports. Find best Bangalore trek packages, Bangalore trekking destinations, Bangalore trek cost and Bangalore trek operators in TripHippie

  • Trekking in Mumbai

    Trekking in Mumbai is a famous adventure activity and weekend getaway option for adventure lovers and travellers. Plenty of forts along with the classic stretch of Sahyadri range create several unique opportunities for trek organizers and trekking groups in Mumbai. The state of Maharastra is endowed with rich natural scenic beauty and serene locations that serve as perfect destinations for camping near Mumbai and trekking near Mumbai. Several famous trekking spots in Mumbai are Prabalgad fort trek, Rajmachi fort trek, Ratangad trek, Sandhan valley trek to name a few.

    Different Mumbai trek rangers or hikers or independent trekkers throughout the years enjoy the bounty of trekking in several famous spots like Lonavala, Satara, Koyna, Bhandardara, Nasik regions along with many others. Mumbai trek is a perfect way of finding an escape from the high speed and competitive life of the financial capital of the country. Find Mumbai trekking packages and deals to suit your requirements and prepare your own hiker calendar to head out for unforgettable journeys. Find best Mumbai trek packages, Mumbai trekking destinations, Mumbai trek cost and Mumbai trek operators in TripHippie.

  • Trekking in Leh Ladakh

    Trekking in Ladakh is a lifetime experience and if you love to travel then it Ladakh should top in your bucket list. The rugged terrain, classic altitude from se level, amazing topography and uncountable high passes make Ladakh an adventure heaven. Numerous short treks and long treks of different difficulty levels are available to suit the requirement of all kind of trekkers. Ladakh is place where people come for classic and awe inspiring trekking experience. Chadar trek is the flagship trek of the region where you walk on the ice of frozen Zanskar river. Though it’s a world renowned trek but there are several other treks in Ladakh which can easily surpass the Chadar in terms of Natural beauty. Ladakh trek costs are quite cheaper with respect to the experience you can get. Choose your Ladakh trekking package carefully and start for this Land of high passes. Ladakh is also known as land of Lamas for its vibrant Tibetan culture and famous Monasteries

    Some of the famous treks in Ladakh region are Chadar trek, Markha valley trek, Stok Kangri trek, Spituk to Matho trek, Darcha to Padum trek and they all open up unparalleled vistas and unbelievable landscapes. Select your route from numerous trekking routes and start to write your own story in this high terrain. Find best Ladakh trek packages, Ladakh trekking destinations, Ladakh trek cost and Ladakh trek operators in TripHippie.

  • Trekking in Kerala
  • Trekking in North East
  • Trekking in Nepal
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Showing 1 - 24 of 263 items