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Reddy The world knows him as Reddy, but only we know that his full names are (yes, he has two real names) Everreddy & Superreddy. He talks business, eat technologies, drink strategies and poop outcome (which may get stinky sometimes though). We all like his company (as sometimes we don’t have anything to do). He is so reliable and pivotal that you may often get confuse between Reddy and a pillar.

Sarbo Though judging by the stamina he should have been called Turbo, he is publicly famous (Don’t take the literal meaning here) as Sarbo. Always high in spirit (not with, huh), his talks and food habit are same as Reddy's but when it comes to drinking he prefers something else. He really hates empty bottles and leaves no stone unturned to convert a full bottle into an empty one. So, now you know when to call him.

Viggy Viggy loves to rub his ass off only in two places - his chair(with open laptop) and on his cycle seat. A coder by chance and a traveler by choice he loves to think that he can do wonder with fingers and keyboard (sometimes we also agree). With his fluent Hindi, logical mind and love for state politics, he is the last person whose company you would like to miss when you have no other option. Puns apart, this former Intel programmer is an explorer by nature with his intrepid love for cycling.

TP I am TP. Once I asked Sarbo, Reddy, VJ & Viggy that how I can contribute to TripHippie. They are still thinking for an answer. So, in the meantime I wrote down this intro. And for your reference, Hobbies part in my CV contains two words Travel and Wildlife.

Our Goal

At TripHippie we are mad about adventure and through our personal experience we found that the local knowledge and expertise generally remain beyond the reach of most of the adventurer. Hence the idea of TripHippie was born with the aim of creating a unique platform where global adventure seeker can be put in touch with remote local organizer. A bunch of like-minded hippies (some by soul and some by appearance), we always strive towards that goal.

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