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Mount Everest Base Camp Trek

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Everest base camp trek, Nepal Are you tired and frustrated with the scorching heat of the sun in this summer? Are you adventures and fitness freak? And just Want to move out of the house in search of cold and Refreshing weather which will not only give you an enjoyable and Delphic Adventurous journey but also a drift from the monotonous summer Life in which we are in. The Everest base camp trekking is one of the Best and adventurous trekking trip which every one will enjoy. The Tour will always remain the opulent epitome of both of natural beauty Of snow capped mountain and quest for adventure.

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• Duration of the Mount Everest Base Camp Trek

The tour takes about 15 days and 14 nights.

• Overview Mount Everest Base Camp Trek

The Everest base camp trek is the best and extraordinary

Lifetime experience. The magnificent snow capped mountain

And the blue clear sky creates an aesthetic aura and superb

Sublimity in the trekking period. The mount Everest base camp trekking

Is best possible from the Katmandu and it again serves as another source

Of great interest and natural enigma. Everest base camp has always

Remained the source of interest and goal for the trekkers all

Around the world. The place is the amalgamation of all kinds of possible

Natural beauty put together in one place , the place has large

Green pastures and few waterfalls . It also has a village of serene beauty

And taken together the place is notable and dream for all the trekkers for

The entire world.

Apart from the enigmatic natural beauty which the base

Camp already has , the place is known for peace and tranquillity also

Where the travellers or rather the trekkers goes to spend few days

In the lap of nature. The place has photographic beauty which is the

Destinations for photographers throughout the world. One needs to

Carry photograph or at least a mobile phone in order to capture

Moments of Mount Everest Base Camp Trek

It is a pleasure of walking in the pathways of Tenzing Norgay,

The first Sherpa of mount Everest and Edmund Hillary , the first

Mountaineer and explorer of the world. People dream and explore

Such dream and make it worth living. Though the journey is quite

Difficult and tough but it Is a sure fact that nature will definitely

Heal your pain.

Detailed Itinerary

Highlights of Mount Everest Base Camp Trek

• The Everest base camp is the best and valiant journey towards

The optimum with both inexpressible natural beauty and joy

Of achievement.

• The trekking will lead you to the extraordinary beauty of base

Points of interest like- Lukla ( The first point of journey),Phakding,

Namche Bazaar( this is the last ATM point) , Thami , Debuche,Pangboche,

Dingboche, lobuje , Gorak Shep ( the last point before Everest

Base camp ) and finally Everest Base camp.

• The trekking will offer challenging and demanding hike to points

And destinations from Lukla to Kalapattar ( 7161metres) , Nangkartshang Peak'

And then Everest Base camp ( 5364 metres).

• The journey becomes more enjoyable if the true team spirit sustains among

The co- travellers.

• The journey to the Everest base camp will also give the cultural and

Traditional learning of the people of Katmandu . Also of the Sherpa village , their

Daily life and spirit of endurance.

• The trekkers can visit the ancient Thami and Tengboche , the two monasteries

As hiking side scenes .

• The trekkers also visits the secondary school named after Edmund Hillary , the

First person to reach Everest summit.

Best time to trek Everest Base camp

There are two times of the year according to which the trekkers

Chooses to trek one is of on season and another one is of off season. For Normal

Tourists it is good to go during the on season during the months of April , May and

June and then in September, October and Early November these time of the year has the least chance of weather disturbances in the Everest base camp. These times there are

Less chance of weather disturbances in this area . Usually the sky remains clear and mist

Free. But the trekkers must be prepared for adverse weather conditions as well.

Mount Everest Base Camp Trek Itinerary

• Day 1 –Mount Everest Base Camp Trek

Arrival in Katmandu

The first day of the exclusive journey , the trekkers will be recieved from the Katmandu airport and will be put in the hotels . There will be an orientation program and there will be described the whole pros and cons of the trekking trip and brief about the whole journey.

Every one will be introduced to the Sherpa or guide and the guide will be everything of concern from that time on. He will check out everything and say if there is any need to buy any other thing.

• Day 2 Mount Everest Base Camp Trek

Katmandu to Lukla (138 km) , then walk to Phakding (6.2km)

After breakfast , the Sherpa and the trekkers proceed to the Tribuvan Domestic airport , Katmandu (133 km) .

From Katmandu to Lukla we will go by helicopter which is 138 km and it will take approximately 40 minutes. The helicopter experience in this way is the best which one can experience in his or her lifetime. The witnessing of bountiful natural beauty from the flight will be very beautiful experience. The views are indeed spell bound of valley and mountain ranges together.

At Lukla , our company’s representative we receive the trekkers and from that point onwards we will start our trekking journey. Before that we will buy trekking equipments and other necessities from Katmandu . Then we will start to trek towards Phakding (6.2 km) . It takes about 3 to 3.5 hours to complete. The path will pass through many small mountain villages of Sherpas and green sloppy mountains . The whole trekking team will stay overnight at the tea house of Phakding.

• Day 3 –Mount Everest Base Camp Trek

Phakding to Namche Bazaar ( 7.4 km)

Namche Bazaar is surrounded by huge green mountain ranges . The backdrop of exotic Dudh Koshi river flows along the side till Namche Bazaar.

The trekkers and Sherpa usually have lunch in Monjo ( 8km) . Namche Bazaar is the last ATM point and Monjo is the last food point .The route in between Monjo and Namche is very interesting as it is among the green forest. The journey becomes more interesting as from herein we can see the hazy mount Everest .

There will be a overnight stay at tea house or lodge whichever is available. The total trekking trip will be of moderate difficulty amidst rocks , forest and steep mountain ranges but after this it will more difficult and painful.

• Day 4 –Mount Everest Base Camp Trek

Rest at Namche Bazaar ( short hiking)

After two days of hiking we will rest for a day at Namche . Namche is a place for marketing and so all kinds of shops are also present . It is a point where the plain land ends completely and the higher altitude ranges starts.

This place has Namche museum which requires 20 minutes of trekking and one can view mount Everest and Lhotse from this place . Also Namche Bazaar and Namche monastery are two place of point of interest.

• Day 5 Mount Everest Base Camp Trek

Namche to Tengboche ( 5.9 km)

This is another trekking expedition where we will come to the Tengboche monastery which is worth visiting .

The trek is about 5 hours with moderations in difficulty level.

• Day 6 Mount Everest Base Camp Trek

Tengboche to Dingboche ( 4.36 km)

This trekking will make us to come across Pangboche village . There are photographic view of the Mount Ama Dablam .

We will have lunch at Pangboche . After lunch we will trek towards Pheriche and proceed to the Imja valley.

The trekkers and Sherpas will pass through lobuche river and take a deep hike to Dingboche.

We will stay overnight at Dingboche.

The total trek will be of 6 to 7 hours depending on steepness and weather disturbances. There will be two steep inclines.

• Day 7 Mount Everest Base Camp Trek

Rest day at Dingboche (4.36 km)

We will see many peaks and mountain ranges through the short hiking experience. Amongst them , we will get the view of three of world’s top mountain peaks namely - Mount Lhotse, Mount Makalu , Mount Cho yu.

We will overnight stay at hotel of Dingboche.

• Day 8

Dingboche to Dughla ( 4.62 km)

It will take about three hours to complete . The distance between Dingboche and Dughla is short . The flat and steepless path till Dughla will offer beautiful photographic frames . On the right side, we will see the magnificent view of mount Pumori (7.13km) and also a snowy glacial lake. Our tea house is just beside the Dhudkoshi river , one of the most beautiful river of the world . We will stay overnight on the tree house or lodge.

• Day 9 Mount Everest Base Camp Trek

Dughla to lobuche ( 4.94 km)

This expedition takes about 3 hours to 4 hours . We will trek towards lobuche which is beside the Khumbu glacier. The pass is full of mountaineers memorial who has lost their lives at greatest and different expedition. Initially the trekking is steep but after the pass it is flat .

We will stay overnight in the tree house or lodge.

• Day 10 Mount Everest Base Camp Trek

Lobuche to Gorakshep ( 15 km) to Everest Base Camp ( 8km) and back to Gorakshep

The more closer we go towards mount Everest the more glacier route we will have to face. This route is completely glacier route . This remains as a moderate trek .

This part of the expedition makes you feel aesthetic and supreme . Mount Everest will not be visible clearly but kumbhu icefall will be clear .

We will stay overnight at Gorakshep .

Total trekking expedition will take about 5 to 7 hours

• Day 11 Mount Everest Base Camp Trek

Hiking to Kalapattar ( 5.64km) and descend to Pheriche ( 4.94 km)

The hike to Kalapattar will be the most difficult one.

From here at last we will be able to see the peak of mount Everest . Thus Kalapattar is the only place which gives you the entire view of high peak of Himalayan mountain ranges.

After Kalapattar the trek is all about declining . It will take about 2.5 hours to 3 hours to reach lobuche.

Then we will descend towards lobuche ( 4.94km) .

It will take about 7 hours in total.

• Day 12 Mount Everest Base Camp Trek

Pheriche to Namche Bazaar( 14.2km)

This trek will be moderate . We will trek a little before Tengboche and and Phungi Thangam.

• Day 13 Mount Everest Base Camp Trek

Namche Bazaar to Lukla ( 2.80 km)

This is also one of the shortest trekking among the declining ones. Today is the last day of our trekking expedition in Khumbu. The trek is of moderate difficulty level. The last hike will be to Lukla and trail is very smooth.

• Day 14 Mount Everest Base Camp Trek

Return to the Tribuvan Domestic Airport

Today we will go to Tribhuvan Domestic Airport to catch our flight back to Katmandu and again enjoy the bountiful and splendid beauty of the nature .

Since this is the last day we will have complete leisure and rest at the hotel.

• Day 15 Mount Everest Base Camp Trek


Our representative will drop you at the airport and please check out by 12 noon to catch the flight.

Tips for Mount Everest Base Camp Trek

1. Be mentally and physically prepared – The Everest base camp trekking though very

Enjoyable , but very difficult too. We need to train our body in order to have highest

Fitness level and so that our body doesn’t became the cause of our unachievement of

Our goal. Also we should prepare our mind for any weather adversity which can stop

Our journey for few days .

2. Carry ample warm clothes- Ample warm clothes will help you out in very cold

Weather Or rather in sudden fall of temperature. During night and in near of the

Everest base camp the temperature even falls below minus degree. Moreover

During day time if we wear layered pants and t-shirts it will prevent us from sun

Tanning and misty glaciers.

3. Carry medicines- Though the Sherpa will always have a first-aid box and also

In several points but it is always good to carry your our medicine in ample quantity.

Also few first aid necessity.

4. Bring enough money – The last point of ATM is Namche Bazaar . The distance

Between Namche Bazaar to Everest base camp is 25. 7 km. So we will need money

To buy trekking equipments and other necessities from Katmandu.

5. Important things to carry – Warm clothes , blanket, sun – glasses, sun's cream,

Regular used trekking boots( though you will have the option to buy trekking equipments but it is always good to carry your own show in which you are comfortable

In ) , first aid box, inhaler ( if necessary) , ropes , sticks, hand gloves, socks ( at least two pairs) , woollen caps , painkiller , anteseptic medicine, paracetamol, towels , baby wipers, hats , dry foods and fruits, pain Healer sprays , safety pins and lighter

Muffler and ORS ( Oral Rehydration Solutions) camera to capture the moments of everlasting experience, sleeping bags ( though it can be rented from Katmandu

For 500 – 600 rupees) , also heater , match sticks , old newspaper and torch .

6. Battery or chargers or power banks - In the extreme cold weather there is a possibility

For the charge of the camera and mobile phone to goes down rapidly . So another battery or any other charge pack will prevent from the situation.

7. Carry your own identity cards – In case of any requirement or emergency please carry your identity cards like – Adhar card, Ration card or voter card.


The whole trekking trip comprise of both food and trekking. Most of the tree houses

Provide normal breakfast like bread toast and with eggs and potatoes, the meal is a bit

Costly but healthy. This meal is healthy for trekking in the long run. Porridge and chapati is another breakfast item. Few Nepali food are also present in the menu . For

Lunch dal bhaat is the best option. In the tent and in several points the trekkers and

Sherpas prefers to eat dry but complete food which are healthy. It is good to carry chewing gum because it will prevent breathing trouble and heart trouble and also reduces acidity.

Water and Beverages

It is good to carry your own tea and coffee , as tea and coffee are rare to find out and experience too. But inexpensive hot water is available easily , it is better option to put some drops of geolin in the water which will prevent from indigestion and water borne diseases.

Consumption of alcohol and other intoxicating drinks and substances are strictly prohibited.

Lack of washrooms

When we are going for trekking we should be prepared for lack of proper toilets and washrooms . The different falls are used for bathing and holes are used for doing

Pee and potty . There is no western comord.


  • Stay
  • The trekking expedition is total of 15 days and 14 nights . Amongst them 2 nights in the guest
  • House or hotels and twelve in the tree house or mountain lodges.
  • Activity
  • Trekking to the Everest base camp.
  • Photography ( if you are interested in)
  • Camping
  • Other Inclusions-
  • • Airport pick and drop for international terminal.
  • • Domestic airport transfer to Lukla
  • • Stay in Katmandu in hotel or lodge for two nights.
  • • Twelve nights accommodation in tree houses or lodges.
  • • Domestic flights ( Katmandu -lukla-katmandu)
  • • Trekking permit from Sagarmatha National Park Permit and TIMS.
  • • Sherpas of high qualifications
  • • First aid kit
  • • Government and local taxes.
  • • Khumbu region entry permit .
  • • Porter will carry 10 kgs per person .
  • • For single trekker our team will provide a porter cum guide.


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Mount Everest Base Camp Trek

Mount Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest base camp trek, Nepal Are you tired and frustrated with the scorching heat of the sun in this summer? Are you adventures and fitness freak? And just Want to move out of the house in search of cold and Refreshing weather which will not only give you an enjoyable and Delphic Adventurous journey but also a drift from the monotonous summer Life in which we are in. The Everest base camp trekking is one of the Best and adventurous trekking trip which every one will enjoy. The Tour will always remain the opulent epitome of both of natural beauty Of snow capped mountain and quest for adventure.

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