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Kumara Parvatha Trek From Bangalore

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Kumara parvatha is second highest peak in Coorg district (Karnataka state) after Tadiandamol peak. Trekking starting point is Kukke Subramanya. Famous Kukke Subramnay temple is located in Subramanya village. 

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Kumara Parvatha Trek Itinerary


09.30 PM : You will start by Friday night


06:00 AM : Reach the homestay near Kumar Parvatha and freshen up

7:30 AM : You will have breakfast and start the trek by 9:00 AM with packed lunch

2:00 OM: We will reach the top and have lunch and start the descend by 2:30 PM

05:30 PM: You will reach the homestay by 6:30 PM and have tea

08:30 PM: We will enjoy the campfire with a sumptuous dinner


06:30 AM Wake up and visit for Mallalli Falls

    08:00 AM Come back to homestay and have breakfast

    09:30 AM Checkout from homestay and depart to Bangalore

    07:30 PM Reach Bangalore

We will have breakfast by 6:30 AM and leave for the visit to the Mallalli Falls

8:00 AM we will be back at the homestay and have breakfast

We will check out of the homestay by 9:30 AM and leave for Bangalore and reach destination by 7:30 PM


Trek Inclusions:

  • Meals (2 Breakfasts, 1 Lunch and 1 Dinner)
  • Visit to Mallalli Falls
  • Camping equipment like tents and sleeping bags & Camping lamps
  • Transportation from and Bangalore and back via private vehicle
  • Instructor support and forest department fee  
  • Accommodation in homestays


  • All participants will have to carry backpacks till the base camp which is a 6km trek uphill
  • All the participants must follow the instructors and must not stray away from the group.
  • Shoes must be of good grip.

Things to bring:

  • High Ankle Shoes with good rubber grip
  • Water (2-5 Litres)
  • Windcheaters
  • Raincoat
  • Extra pair of clothes for those who wish to take bath
  • Extra snacks if you wish


Rules and Guidelines:

  • Please do not expect any luxury during the trip.
  • No alcohol or loud music.
  • Strictly no plastics to be thrown
  • All participants have to fill forms before boarding for the trip and must bring ID card photocopy and PP size photograph.
  • All participants must follow the operator's intructors and must not stray away from the group.
  • Timings are tentative and subject to change.

Pick up points

  1.                  Gopalan Arcade Mysore road,RR Nagar (11:15 PM)
  2.                  Bus stop Banashankari (10.30 PM)
  3.                  Udupi Bus-stand near A2B ,BTM Layout (10.10 PM)
  4.                  Near Krishna Bahavan Restaurent,Silk Board (10:00 PM)
  5.                  Opposite Kalamandir ,Marathahalli (9:30 PM)



This is a weather based activity. So depending upon weather the activity may be cancelled without any prior notification


Everything you need to know about Kumara Parvatha Lake trek


Kumara Parvatha Lake trek

Kumara Parvatha also known as Pushpagiri (giri means 'peak'). It is the third tallest peak in Wildlife Sanctuary in Western Ghats of Karnataka. It lies at an altitude of 1,712 meters. However, the mountain looks like a single peak from distance but actually, it has three peaks 'Shesha Parvatha', 'Siddha Parvatha' and 'Kumara Parvatha'. Shesha parvatha faces south and you have to cross Sheesha Parvatha to reach Kumara Parvatha.


Kumara Parvatha Lake trek villages

Villages you will encounter on Kumara Parvatha trek


Subramanya village

It is situated in Sulia Taluk in Dakshin Kannada and also is the location for Kuke Subramanya temple. It is the resting point for pilgrims visiting Kuke Subramanya temple. The village is surrounded by Kumaradhara River.



If you are approaching Kumara Parvatha from Somvarpet, Banglore side, you will encounter this village on your way to Somwarpet. It is a tiny village and trek from this side is filled with mostly canopy forest.


Kumara Parvatha Lake trek difficulty

The best month for Kumara Parvatha trek is October and November as the weather is pleasant and water resources are ideal at this time. Sources of food and water are not available in some places in between trek, hence you need to carry plenty of water and carbohydrate-rich snacks. Carry extra set of clothes, first aid and jackets for cold weather.


Kumara Parvatha Lake trek route map

Kumara Parvataha can be reached from two sides, one is from Subramanya side and one is from Somavarpet side. The latter path is easier and closer one but filled with dense forest and you will miss the real beauty of Western Ghats from this side. Path along the Kuke Subramanya temple although long but allows you to witnesss the real beauty of Western Ghats.

You need resilience to cover this 16km trek. The journey to Kumara Parvatha begins from Kuke Subramanya temple. Have breakfast and get some packed lunch from Subramanya and head on for the journey. Firstly, you have to cross a dark forest before the sun becomes warm and you might encounter leeches in this forest so, you need to carry snuff powder in socks and shoes to avoid them. Then the trail takes you to the Bhatru mane, you can explore places like sunset point here. You can see a magnificent panoramic view of Western Ghats from here.

After crossing Bhatru mane, you reach a four-structured pillar Kalu mantappa. Water resources are available here and the place is filled with a sheet of grasslands and flowers. To reach your final destination you will have to cross Marigundi and Sheesha parvatha. After traveling through two peaks you will come across another leech forest. The last part of the trek is up- hill trek to reach Kumara Parvatha top. Wait for the mesmerising sunrise at the peak. Follow the same route back to reach Subramanya.


Kumara Parvatha Lake trek weather

Summers are mostly avoided for this trek as the sun is harsh, the weather is hot and humid and less water sources are available. In monsoon, you will encounter heavy rainfall and leeches. October and February, these two months of winter are ideal for the Kumara Parvatha Lake trek as the weather is pleasant during this time.



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 Kumara Parvatha Trek From Bangalore

Kumara Parvatha Trek From Bangalore

Kumara parvatha is second highest peak in Coorg district (Karnataka state) after Tadiandamol peak. Trekking starting point is Kukke Subramanya. Famous Kukke Subramnay temple is located in Subramanya village. 

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