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Mount Kanamo Peak Trek

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Mount Kanamo offers the best experience of a high altitude trek with practically no need for technical climbing knowledge. This Spiti Valley trek known as White Hostess will introduce you mountain fauna like Snow Leopard, Tibetan wolves and spellbinding landscapes.

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Mount Kanamo Peak Trek Itinerary

Day -1: Kibber Village to Kanamo Base camp trek (4-5 hours)

We will start the trek from the Kibber Village. The trek will be an early start for the Spiti Valley trek and after breakfast the climb will start. We will pass through dense forests and after 4 hours of trekking we will reach the Kanamo base camp. We will relax in our camps and prepare for day-2.

Day-2: Trek from the Kanamo Base camp for the Mt.Kanamo Summit and then back to Mt.Kanamo base camp (6-7 hours)

On the second day of the Spiti Valley trek we will start to conquer the mighty Mt.Kanamo peak which stands at 5964 metres.The sight from the peak will be an experience in itself with the awe-inspiring starry night and the Milky WA. We will stay overnight at the camps.

Day-3: Trek from Kanamo base camp to Kibber Village (3-4 hours)

The third day of the Spiti Valley trek we will be descending down to the Kibber village where you will be greeted with hot fresh meals and enjoy the day with the homestay hosts. The trek on Spiti Valley ends with happy memories.

Mount Kanamo Peak Trek Inclusions

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner on all the camping sites as provided in the itinerary
  • English speaking trekking guides with trekking staff which includes helpers, cooks and guide
  • Camping equipment and ration to be carried by mules
  • Best condition and state of the art high altitude trekking equipment with sleeping bags, tents and camping mattresses

 Mount Kanamo Peak Trek cost exclusions

  • Hotel or homestay charges
  • Snacks and beverages not mentioned in the inclusions
  • Kaza to Kibber transfer and vice versa
  • Any additional costs or emergency charges

The Kanamo Peak trek

o   Grade : Moderate to Difficult

o   Max Altitude : 19,600 ft. 

o   Approx Trekking distance : 34 Kms.

o   Best Season: April to November

o   Temperature : Day time temperature is around 16-20°C . Night time temperature can go up to -4° C

Ka means white or positive and Namo means hostess or a lady so Kanamo means the mountain with a good omen or simply a white hostess. Emerging in the background of Kibber and Tashi Gang Village, the Mt Kanamo Peak Trek it is one of the ideal ways to enjoy a 6,000m experience of trekking in India. Located above Kibber and Ki gompa,Kanamo peak is  the holiest mountain in Spiti. The Kanamo Peak trek trail opens up many splendours of the lofty Himalayas. These ranges support a variety of wildlife including wild ungulates such as the Himalayan ibex and bharal, small mammals like the mountain hare and carnivores including the red fox, wolf If you are lucky, can have an encounter with, snow leopard, Tibetan wolves and blue sheep.  Adding to the entire experience is the trekking experience to mesmeric Chandratal and camping by the water body. You will be making your way through Spiti Valley, passing by old world charmed monasteries and ambling through high hamlets. The peak offers good introduction to walking on snow and rubble. Those who are interested can engage in rafting in Spiti River.

The Kanamo Peak Trek Route

o   Manali (2000 m) to Batal (3907 m) drive/5-6 Hrs & Acclimatisation Hike

o   Batal (3907 m) to Chandratal (4300 m) Trek/6.5 Hrs

o   Chandratal (4300 m) to Kunzum La (4600 m) to Kibber (4250 m) Trek/3-4 Hrs & Drive/5-6 Hrs

o   Kibber (4250 m) to Kanamo Base camp (4800m) Trek/5-6 Hrs

o   Kanamo Base camp (4800 m) to  Kanamo Peak Summit (6000 m) to Kanamom Basecamp (4800m) Trek/8-9 Hrs

o   Kanamo Basecamp (4800m) to Kibber (4250m) to Kaza Trek/4 Hrs & Drive/30 Mins

o   Kaza to Manali Drive/8 Hrs

Kanamo Peak Trek villages

The Spiti region of Lahual and Spiti district spans an area of more than 12,000 sq. km with few local villages. The local population is agro-pastoral and largely Buddhist. They cultivate traditional crops of barley and black pea and a cash crop of green peas. The livestock they rear includes yak, dzo and dzomo (hybrids of yak and cow), cow, goat, sheep and donkey. A brief description of the villages that lie on the Knamo peak trail is given below

Manali- the journey towards Kanamo Peak begins with this town.  It is a valley nestled in the mountains of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh near the northern end of the Kullu Valley, at an altitude of 2,050 m  in the Beas River Valley. It is located in the Kullu district, about 270 km north of the state capital, Shimla. The small town, with a population of around eight thousand only, is the beginning of an ancient trade route to Ladakh and from there over the Karakoram Pass on to Yarkand and Khotan in the Tarim Basin. It is also a popular tourist destination.

Batal- It  is a stop  for vehicles going to Kaza from Manali. Its located at the foot of Kunzum La Pass at a distance of roughly 10km. It has 2-3 makeshift dhabas which are open only in the summer months. Chandratal lake is located 17km from Batal. To go to Chandratal one should take a left turn while going to Kunzum La from Batal and go along the Chandra river for approximately 15 km. 

 Chandrataal-  it is a lake that derives its name from the half-moon shape and  is ringed by high mountains and shepherds camps around. is a wet land sanctuary due to its rich flora and fauna. You can see birds and flowers of multiple colours around Chandrataal.

Kibber- it is supposed to be the highest village in the world, at an altitude of 4300 mt. above sea level with about 80 houses. The  village is perched atop a rocky ridge offering a splendid view of the surrounding peaks. The small village also hosts the Nature Conservation Foundation’s (NCF) field research station where researchers often spend weeks camping out.

Kanamo Peak Trek difficulty

o   This high-altitude trek is both physically and mentally strenuous. Trekking upto an altitude of 19,600 feet trek can tire even the strongest trekker. You have to take a break after you gain 20 to 30 steps during the summit ascent.  This trek requires proper acclimatization .

o   Acute Mountain Sickness is a very big risk on this trek. In preparation, it’s highly recommended that you use Acetazolamide (Diamox) to assist acclimatization and prevent high altitude sickness. Diamox dosage: Start on a dosage of 125 mg every 12 hours 2 days prior to your trek. Increase it to 250 mg every 12 hours from the day you get to the base camp and continue until you complete the trek. [This is suggested. Kindly take doctor’s advice ]

o   This trek requires high levels of fitness-cardiovascular and core strength. Apart from covering 10 km in 60 minutes, do exercises that strengthen your core. Consider HIIT training regime for a trek like this one.

o   Kaza has the last ATM point before your trek begins. There is an SBI branch from where you can make bank transactions. BSNL users get mobile connectivity at Kaza. If you are lucky you might get mobile signal at Kibber as well but the signal strength is usually weak.

Things to take for Kanamo Peak Trek


o   Poncho, Rain Coat or Umbrella (Preferable) any one is must.

o   Backpack (Min 55 Ltrs) with Rain Cover and comfortable shoulder straps

o   Floaters or Sandals.

o   Trekking Shoes.

o   3 Pair of cotton Socks and 1 pair woolen socks

o   Full Sleeve Sweater or Fleece Jacket.

o   One Heavy Jacket (Down Feather preferable).

o   Sun Cap, woolen cap.

o   One Scarf.

o   Light towel.

o   Lip Balm, cold Cream & sun screen (SPF 40+).

o   Water Bottle/Hydration pack-2 bottles of  1 Lt each.

o   Headlamp or torch with fresh pair of batteries.

o   Personal Medicine Kit.

o   Toothbrush and toothpaste

o   U/V protected dark sunglasses.

o   Walking Stick (advisable)

o   Snacks- Energy bars, dry fruits, electral/ORS

o   2 Synthetic Trek pants

o   2 Full sleeves T-shirts

o   1 Fleece T-shirts

o   1 Pair Wind & waterproof jacket & pant

o   1 Pair Thermal inners

o   1 pair Waterproof gloves & Fleece/woollen gloves


Kanamo Peak trek route map

The route from Manali to Batal displays verdurous Kullu and Manali valleys along the barren terrain of Lahaul and Spiti valley through Rohtang Pass and villages like Gramphu, Pagmo . After some refreshing moments at the Pass, you begin downhill to Lahaul Valley. In order to be acclimatised, you will have to stay at Batal.

Next, you will be crossing the river of Chandra and will commence going upwards from Batal towards mesmeric Chandratal Lake. You can enjoy great sights of Bara Shigri Glacier along with lofty Himalayan summits.

From the Chandratal lake, the trek begins to Kunzum Pass top .Light and pleasant in nature, you can enjoy the terrain that is semi-arid. When in Kunzum Pas, be driven to Kibber.The entire route from here is as if straight from a picture postcard : tiny villages with mud houses and roofs covered with grass, windows in red and blue colour; Arid mountains dotted with green and yellow patches that are fields of green peas and barley. In the evening you can tour the monastery  and enjoy an saunter through the stunning Spitian scenery. At this high hamlet, you can also relish the stone houses along with the agriculture grounds.

After having acclimatised completely to the air and surroundings of the place, set off on the the Kanamo Peak trek. This day’s hike will entail ascending to the basecamp soon above Kibber Village and consists of a steep as well as a gradual climb. On the way, you will be crossing a tiny lake that is the source of water to Kaza town.last 2 hours of the trek was particularly picturesque with smaller varieties of Brahma Kamal and multiple types of flowers strewn all across. Look out for interesting stones in this stretch as many of them are likely to be plant or animal fossils. The trek guides know to identify these, if you have not seen one earlier. The region in a radius of about 1 km from the Kanamo base camp is a repository of fossils of all types. Upon reaching the base camp, settle down for the night in tents and get prepared for the next day’s Kanamo Peak trek.

The Kanamo peak requires establishing a Base Camp near Kanamo Lake and the summit approach is from South East side of the ridge going via an incline climb of scree and boulder moraine. Expect snow in the early month of summer at the summit. From the summit one gets a 360 panoramic view of include Parang La Pass that leads to Ladakh, Spiti, Kullu, Lahaul and Kinnaur side peaks and the stunning valleys!

On  your way back towards Kibber and  Kaza ,a part of the day can be spent in unravelling the place. If you wish, you can engage in rafting  along the Spiti River. Delight in the turbulent rapids as well as appreciate the gorgeous landscapes.

After the trek you can spend time exploring the popular hill station of Manali.


Kanamo Peak Trek weather

Spiti Valley is known as a cold desert with average temperatures of between -30 to 3 degree C in the winter and 1 to 28 degree C in summer. The wind blows continuously all the way till the base camp. Usually trekkers cannot stay for long at the top of the peak as the air there is very thin. Temperature varies between 12-20 degrees (days) and -2 to 6 degrees (nights) during mid-June to mid-October, 12-18 degrees (days) and – 6 to 4 degrees (nights) between September and mid-October.



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Mount Kanamo Peak Trek

Mount Kanamo Peak Trek

Mount Kanamo offers the best experience of a high altitude trek with practically no need for technical climbing knowledge. This Spiti Valley trek known as White Hostess will introduce you mountain fauna like Snow Leopard, Tibetan wolves and spellbinding landscapes.

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