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Customer reviews and testimonials


Is 15 Aug is good time for going to Kheerganga for Trekking

Is the 15 Aug is good time for going to Kheerganga for trekking.


Peaceful trip......

Awesome place, superb hospitality, very good quality and nob of adventure things to do.... Its a complete package....I prefer it to try......


Peaceful trip......

Awesome place, superb hospitality, very good quality and nob of adventure things to do.... Its a complete package....I prefer it to try......


Wonderful trek

A wonderful trek with a friendly guide ! Cost could have been a bit low, but nevertheless, it was awesome!!
Keep up the good work!


Great Experience

This place is really nice, surrounded by a nice muddy lake. We enjoyed every bit of it. The place, the trekking, the adventure activities, and their food. It was worth the price and the pain. I recommend this place to everyone.



During the whole trip we were only 3 girls and not once in the whole trip did we feel unsafe.. The caretaker and the guide Mr Rajen Shinde and his family treated us very respectfully and made us feel at home. The food was amazing.. a typical ethnic taste.. We expected the trip to be very hippy but it turned out to be more than that as it was very peaceful and self experiencing... Also even though Igatpuri is more near to bhandardara.. Kasara is a more easier way of transport as there is a direct bus from Kasara station going to Shendi village.. our overall experience is amazing and we plan to visit it again!


Triund Trek

It was such a nice experience.The guide Mr. Rakesh was very co-operative and patient during the entire trek. He took care of all the things. The food was very nice and the camps were properly managed. Would definitely love to travel again with triphippie. Great job guys and convey my special thanks and appreciation to the guides.


Rick experience

We had been to this place on 22nd night. Monsoon just started. Heavy rains in afternoon. Reached site at 4 pm. Hearty welcome by organiser. Very well organised. Good facilities & hospitality made this trip memorable. Experienced night trek watching plenty of fireflies is life time experience.


Paradise on Earth

The campaign experience was truly wonderful and a memorable one. The hospitality of the camp co-ordinator and their support is extremely commendable. This is absolutely safe and a worth visit, Real value for money even though the experience gathered is extremely priceless


Overall 4 Star Ratings - Recommended for Triund Trek

Our booking with Trip Hippie was for 3D2N for Triund and Laka Glacier.
We had report to Shiv Shakti Guest House before 10am on our first day. So we reached there around 8am. They provided us toilets to freshen up .
You can refer to Pros and Cons of the booking with TripHippie :
I will start with CONS first ,as i like my deserts later ;) .

1). First group was supposed to leave for trek at 10am.
But we started our trek around 11:45-12:00. ( which shouldn't have been the case).

2). Lunch was given to us before commencing of trek at our guest house and surprisingly , we were supposed to carry that lunch in our rucksacks, which led to increase in our baggage weight. So my advice would be that you all keep a liitle space
for the lunch . Lunch comprised of a banana , sandwiches , frooti , glucose / good day biscuits , namkeen packet.

3). Arrangements at Triund were not upto expectations. It got quite dark at night because there was no lanterns,lamps r even torches up there.

4). Toilets were not neatly setup. No display boards were set up to show way to the toilet.

5). There were 3 temporary toilets at night which got reduced to only one in the morning.

1). Our Guide was Sunny . He was taking care of every member of the group. Even other staff were also helpful.

2). As and when we set up our tent and made ourselves comfortable, it started raining heavily. In that heavy rain, the staff came and provided us tea and pakodas , which were the need of the hour. This was much of an effort.

3). Due to bad weather conditions , we cancelled our trek to Laka Glacier and requested them to arrange a room at the Guest House. They gave us a room within an hour after we reached the guest house.

4). Dinner and Breakfast were served at proper timings and servings were not limited.

5). Since it got quite damp and wet at Triund , we asked our Guide for extra mats , which he immediately provided.

So Overall , 4 start Ratings fot Trip Hippie. It is recommended for Triund Trek. Go for It .


Overall 4 Star Ratings - Recommended for Triund Trek

Our booking with Trip Hippie was for 3D2N for Triund and Laka Glacier.
We had report to Shiv Shakti Guest House before 10am on our first day. So we reached there around 8am. They provided us toilets to freshen up .
You can refer to Pros and Cons of the booking with TripHippie :
I will start with CONS first ,as i like my deserts later ;) .

1). First group was supposed to leave for trek at 10am.
But we started our trek around 11:45-12:00. ( which shouldn't have been the case).

2). Lunch was given to us before commencing of trek at our guest house and surprisingly , we were supposed to carry that lunch in our rucksacks, which led to increase in our baggage weight. So my advice would be that you all keep a liitle space
for the lunch . Lunch comprised of a banana , sandwiches , frooti , glucose / good day biscuits , namkeen packet.

3). Arrangements at Triund were not upto expectations. It got quite dark at night because there was no lanterns,lamps r even torches up there.

4). Toilets were not neatly setup. No display boards were set up to show way to the toilet.

5). There were 3 temporary toilets at night which got reduced to only one in the morning.

1). Our Guide was Sunny . He was taking care of every member of the group. Even other staff were also helpful.

2). As and when we set up our tent and made ourselves comfortable, it started raining heavily. In that heavy rain, the staff came and provided us tea and pakodas , which were the need of the hour. This was much of an effort.

3). Due to bad weather conditions , we cancelled our trek to Laka Glacier and requested them to arrange a room at the Guest House. They gave us a room within an hour after we reached the guest house.

4). Dinner and Breakfast were served at proper timings and servings were not limited.

5). Since it got quite damp and wet at Triund , we asked our Guide for extra mats , which he immediately provided.

So Overall , 4 start Ratings fot Trip Hippie. It is recommended for Triund Trek. Go for It .


Overall 4 Star Ratings - Recommended for Triund Trek

Our booking with Trip Hippie was for 3D2N for Triund and Laka Glacier.
We had report to Shiv Shakti Guest House before 10am on our first day. So we reached there around 8am. They provided us toilets to freshen up .
You can refer to Pros and Cons of the booking with TripHippie :
I will start with CONS first ,as i like my deserts later ;) .

1). First group was supposed to leave for trek at 10am.
But we started our trek around 11:45-12:00. ( which shouldn't have been the case).

2). Lunch was given to us before commencing of trek at our guest house and surprisingly , we were supposed to carry that lunch in our rucksacks, which led to increase in our baggage weight. So my advice would be that you all keep a liitle space
for the lunch . Lunch comprised of a banana , sandwiches , frooti , glucose / good day biscuits , namkeen packet.

3). Arrangements at Triund were not upto expectations. It got quite dark at night because there was no lanterns,lamps r even torches up there.

4). Toilets were not neatly setup. No display boards were set up to show way to the toilet.

5). There were 3 temporary toilets at night which got reduced to only one in the morning.

1). Our Guide was Sunny . He was taking care of every member of the group. Even other staff were also helpful.

2). As and when we set up our tent and made ourselves comfortable, it started raining heavily. In that heavy rain, the staff came and provided us tea and pakodas , which were the need of the hour. This was much of an effort.

3). Due to bad weather conditions , we cancelled our trek to Laka Glacier and requested them to arrange a room at the Guest House. They gave us a room within an hour after we reached the guest house.

4). Dinner and Breakfast were served at proper timings and servings were not limited.

5). Since it got quite damp and wet at Triund , we asked our Guide for extra mats , which he immediately provided.

So Overall , 4 start Ratings fot Trip Hippie. It is recommended for Triund Trek. Go for It .


A sweet memory for my family!

We were there for fireflies camping on 17th June 2017. I had my 6 yr old daughter with me.
It was a wonderful experience, one that we will want to remember and repeat over the coming years.

Now for some details I hope will help others:
+ The tents and locations are very clean and weather is pleasant.
+ The tent location is off road for about 10 mins up/down so its better to carry bags you can pick like backpacks rather than trolleys.
+ The sanitation facilities are on top (a 10 min trek up) so kind of be prepared for that, they are clean but basic.
+ In this weather they have the camps at the lakeside so its real fun with the starlit night and good breeze
but in heavy rains they shift the camp up, the experience I think will not be the same.
+ The fireflies is something you got to experience atleast once if you havent ever, specially for kids it'd be a special memory
+ The lake is cool and good water, so you can take a dip, carry change of clothes appropriately

What I would have liked to be better:
- The barbecue was not sufficient for the no.of people.
- A provision for bathing / changing clothes would be nice.

Other than that throughly enjoyed the weather and hospitality. Thank you!


Review for Bhandardara Fireflies camping festival

Hospitality by Mr. Rajen Shinde and Mr. Nilesh Shinde has been very cordial. Food quality was quite authentic and tasty. The guides/mentors were really helpful and they provided us with all the basic and necessary amenities. We will definitely recommend the triphippies to other people for experiencing this kind of hospitality.


Trekking with Triphippie

Good experience. Would suggest to others


Trekking with Triphippie

Good experience. Would suggest to others


Beas Kund trek!

We didn't get the transport from Solang to Dhundi as promised, but it was nevertheless amazing. Thank you for the amazing experience.


Out of the world experience.

We were a group of 6 people. I must say that it was a totally different experience. All the arrangements done were up to the mark.Food was tasty.And the the hosts were really helpful.The 'Fireflies festival' was a sight to behold.. Thoroughly enjoyed the trip.
Would totally recommend it!
A 5/5 from me for this one.



we had booked our tour for dt. 26-27 may-17, it was one of the most memorable trip of my life. the beauty of nature has no words to express. best for the people who are looking for peaceful holiday near the nature..
the hospitality of Mr. Raju ( tour coordinator) N there family is the best. they help us in everything we were looking for, the food was also good mainly the barbecue i luv the most..


Cheerful Organisation

The best trek experience i had till now. The true essence of trek is to adapt to nature and overcome the hurdles, this organisation helps you in doing that. The group size is ideal, trekking is not organised back to back, guides and porters are qualified and friendly, these are the things to be highlighted. For people who understand what trekking is for, I would truly suggest this organisation for Sar Pass Trek.


Cheerful Organisation

The best trek experience i had till now. The true essence of trek is to adapt to nature and overcome the hurdles, this organisation helps you in doing that. The group size is ideal, trekking is not organised back to back, guides and porters are qualified and friendly, these are the things to be highlighted. For people who understand what trekking is for, I would truly suggest this organisation for Sar Pass Trek.


Worth it

We planned to do something adventurous during April last weekend which was long weekend.,Some how found triphippie thanks to Google .We started from thane we got 10.20 kasara local we reached by 12.30.from kasara there is huge problem for transportation if you are small group of 3 to 4 they will charge you up to 1700 for special service (full cab),sharing option is there but still not easy to get.Best option which we found is when you get down kasara ask some one the direction of kasara st bus stand from there you will get bus to bhandrara fata ,we got 2pm bus luckily the conductor whom we got was our trip coordinators cousin sister she helped us in all possible the route will be like
1.kasara-bhandaradharafata-shandi(Jeep for 10 rs)-camping place(Jeep but arranged by triphippe .

Travelling hours .:
Thane to kasara:2 hrs
Kasara to bhandaradhara fata:2 hours
Bhandaradhara fata to shandi:20 minutes but getting cab was difficult
Shandi to -camping place :20 minutes
Well we reached -camping place we was welcomed by awesome chain and onion pagoda,later point we went for boat ride which was one of the peace moment for us....Blue water ,cool breeze , sorounded by mountains .We did time pass... Around 7 we started camp fire followed by barbeque for vege you will get onions and potato and for non vege you will get roasted chiken. AIn every point coordinators was very humble and pleased .We got.out dinner at which was more then expected taste was too good.. we played cards ,housey housey ,slept under sky and even lucky enough to watch bunch or stars and astroid passing .
Since we was tired we slept by 1 Am ...Tent was very good ,neat and clean ... .

Day: we work up with pleasant sound of birds and morning mist .Even tough it was summer we felt like winter .We had option for swimming but we were too lazy to do that .We played badminton ,cricket ...And at around 8 Am we got breakfast ....Trust me the best breakfast poha with chai ...It was summer days so we initially planned to leave after 9 so we can reach back home by evening.we packed our luggage ,did photo session finally said Tata bye bye to our -camping site and left for Mumbai.

Coming to washroom , basics facilities are there please do not expect luxury ,if you expect so then -camping is not your thing .

While coming back you can get direct buses from shandi or even sharing cabs to kasara.

Thanks to rajeev ,nilesh, train for great service


Beautiful place. Tiring trek. Really hospitable guide.

Loved it


Had an Awesome Experience

This trek was the last pit stop in our all girls trip. We've been assigned Udey Singh as co-ordinator, who is a very friendly person and was quite helpful in planning our Mcleodganj trip.

Just a warning: If you are planning to camp on the hill on saturday night, Be sure to be reach the top before 5PM else you might end up without a tent. This place has become very commercial and you would have to share the space with thousands of others. Lucky for us we have booked on a sunday night and had a very peaceful stay.

Aman, The guide who was assigned to us is a very patient guy and helped my friends alot, who are first time trekkers.
I've done my share of travelling, but I must say I never had this good a service anywhere.

NOTE OF WARNING: This is in no way a easy trek. Unless you are used to trekking in Mountain terrain, I'd suggest be prepared for a 5-6 hour long and exhausting trek.

On the last note, The view from atop makes up for all the pain and effort. Have a pleasant stay :)


Not a real trek but definitely a cave exploration

If you are a real trekker or have been to a trek earlier then definitely for you its not a trek but its a nice trip to getaway from the dirt and noise of the city.

Take a break, sleep on the rocks and enjoy the sunset.


Triund trek and camping

indeed a well organized trip by triphippie and himtrek. Everything was sorted and in place. The food, the guide, the tents, everythig was perfect and made our trekking experience memorable


Beautiful Trek - a photographer's paradise

Here are some pictures from the trek -

Some Important Notes - DO NOT spend money on expensive trekking shoes. You'll be doing the entire trek in gumboots
- Buy gumboots in Leh - they cost Rs. 450 and are perfect for the conditions
- DO NOT spend too much money on expensive trek pants. You get cheap waterproof pants in Leh Market which work just fine
- Keep your backpack as light as possible (6-7 kgs max). You're not going to change clothes everyday. You'll be given a good amount of food as well, so no need to carry 4 kgs worth of eatables. A few energy bars, dry fruits should do the trick
- Layering up is key to stay warm
- Ensure you exercise and walk a bit prior to the trek to truly enjoy the experience. The walk is easy physically. The harsh weather makes it a mental test

For photography enthusiasts
- Clicking pictures in these conditions offers its own set of challenges - numb fingers, a tired body, keeping pace with fellow trekkers and keeping your gear warm.
- With no electricity access for nine days, it is important to keep one's gear warm and to stay well equipped with spare batteries (wrap them in warm layers to ensure they don't discharge quickly).

Note: They charged us a hefty environmental fee of almost Rs 3k when we reached Ladakh. Make sure you get this clarified with your agent before hand.


Har ki dun trek - amazing experience

It was my first trek in India and I will definitely come back to do more with this group. Apart from amazing hospitality, guiding and really great cooking they are also really nice people who care and make sure you ok when sick or just tired. It was great to travel in a small group and all arrangements went of super smoothly.. they also adjusted easily for our level and speed. Can't wait to come back!


Bhandardhara lake side camping

Awsummmm experience...the host are so welcoming and helping you can't imagine. Food is excellent and so the arrangements. BBQ and bornfir will make ur trip worth


Kunti Betta

The arrangement was good and the guide who came with us helped us all the way to the top. The trip was a new experience to all of us. Nice experience!


trek in may 2nd week

hey i"m planning to go in may2017 2nd week. is it okay to go during that time? usually people go during june, july and august.
please suggest!


Great experience

It was my first night trek experience. The trip started with a bad timing; pickup was not on time, vehicle had some technical issues and another vehicle was arranged after 2 hours. It was around 1AM in the morning and we were still in bangalore. After all these, we reached the hill around 3am and the cave exploration began immediately. But it was the best experience I have ever had. If you are not from hilly area and if you have not explored anything like this before, then you should try once going to trips like anthagange and ramanagar night trekking.



Can we put our own tents near camping site..?



Staff has been the best, both service wise and knowledge wise. Had it not been for them the trip wouldn't have been 3 on 5. Facilities provided in terms of quality of tent was BAD. There was no proper arrangements for washroom etc. Unlike other camps organized by other vendors who had concrete guest house for having dinner and also Bonfire was not available. having said this staff/guides have been remarkable.


Triund trek and camping

The overall experience was good. The guide knows everything. The hospitality of the staff was too good too. But there is one concern though:
It was mentioned in the website that there will be bonfire and we weren't provided any stating some reason.


Prashar lake trek

The trek was good. Services provided at the camp were also good.
But, there are 2-3 things I want you to make note of.. 1) The hotel provided by you in morning to freshen up was in bad condition..the room was full of smoke.. bottles were thrown around and they denied to clean it up at first.. So better ask people to arrange their own hotels..It was not a hygiene problem.. but the hotel was indecent..
2) The trek was started very late.. such kind of steep treks should be started atleast 10-11 AM.. We started from Baggi at 1PM and we reached late till 6:30 PM..

3) Also, such treks should be provided with a stick or should be asked to arrange on our own.. which was not done.. One of the guides were new..and as some of the people were slow at pace... they were even demotivating people to go back.
I have seen guides.. motivating people and take them along .. but this was the first time I saw such guide..

I would just say the management was not good. It could be better...


Nice experience

The staff were courteous and the food provided was good. The overall experience was quite nice.


Night trek

The overall experience was very good. The coordinators were courteous and the food served was quite nice.


Awesome place

This place is one of the best rested place to roam with ur team frnds or family. The services were awesome, Guiding and facilities were splendid. Moreover the food was so delecious and the outdoors games + indoor games were enthuastic. The best part was to sleep in tents..



Hey All, Though I expected a lot more from Trip Hippie but it's more about adventure, right? So, I wish to say that lodging arrangements were haphazardly conducted and due to lack of proper representation by you guys at Shiva Guest House, that made my journey a bit perplexing. However, I would like to say that you should keep your company's representatives available at lodging locations so that a solo customer may not have to suffer for basic amenities. Overall, the folks were helpful, Gulaab Singh, Ajay,.... ( can't remember other names) have done their bit... Thanks for the overall experience.


An awesome experience ..thanks TripHippie !

We went for an office corporate outing and chose to trek the Messapulimala .The arrangements were superb,the food was just great.Our guide and cook made a great bonfire and camping experience.The trek was very beautiful and all the arrangements were proper and hygienic.Thanks guys!



Good trek. But waited long at Dehradun. That was not good.


Nag Tibba trek

It was great. Thank you


One breathtaking trek

A long pending review from my side. The journey started from Kathgodam. Kathgodam to Lohajung is a tiring journey and be prepared for bumpy ride. Bedni Bugyal is the best natural place I have ever been to. Overall a great trek.



Prashar lake trek was good. I am satisfied. Will definitely try with you guys in future also. Best of luck


Unbelievable trek

This was my first trek. Initially thought of going to Triund but Triund was closed in January so finalized Prashar. We reached Mandi quite late but guide and the other trekkers were waiting for us. It was a huge amount of snow in the trail but thanks to the information provided by you guys we carried extra pair of shoe and that really helped a lot. Thanks guys. For me, it is a 5 out of 5.


Best camping done

I came from Pune. It was worth coming after driving such a distance. The location is really nice. Raju left no stone unturned to provide us a great service. He was so down to earth. The place is serene, calm and very beautiful. Traveled with my family. A must visit camp from. Lots of people from Nasik and Mumbai and we all were happy. Thank you


Can be better

Food and all was Ok. But din't get boating.


Ok Experience

Nice and good trip with Triphippy


Best weekend camping we have experienced in Mumbai

The camping at bhandardhara is just a perfect getaway from busy life of Mumbai
The place is so peaceful. The people who handle the site are very helpful. There is no issue of safety.
It's safe for all girls trip as well.


Good camping could have been better

The lake side camping was a good experience. Completely away from the regular environment. Loved the climate and nature. Hospitality of the local people was amazing. Considering the fact that so many people are visiting the place, locals could plan for better toilets where it can be uneasy for ladies who are used to the city life.
Overall a good and different experience. Once in a life time experience. Kudos to the Triphippie team for organizing this and not to forgot the locals who will make you feel at home.



Vry good experience
The service was excellent
No complaints at all
Amazing view
Amazing food
Loved it.


Abhishek Verma

Good experience enjoyed alot
Staff was very good


Out of the world experience for a city rat like myself

I'd like to add that Mr.Shinde, our camp organiser is an amazing person. Genuine guy. We have no words to describe his hospitality and his efforts to make us comfortable.


Out of the world experience for a city rat like myself

Bhandardare lake was divine. If you like camping then this place is a must visit.

I'd like to add that Mr.Shinde, our camp organiser is an amazing person. Genuine guy. We have no words to describe his hospitality and his efforts to make us comfortable.


Trip Review

The trek was well planned, and easy to do. Food could have been better. Guide Vikrant was very helpful and fun. Overall a great experience.



the overall experience was good. still some more activities can be included to entertain tourists. food was good


Triund trek 28th December

Guide, Rakesh was good, have knowledge about mountains and trek. It was a good experience.


Lifetime experience

Best possible facilities provided at such a high altitude. Very cooperative guides and staff. A must do trek.


Meesapulimalai Kerala Camping

Superb Experience


Great Experience

We booked this package for new year's eve. The place is beautiful, the camps provided were of good quality. South Indian Food was served which was also nice. Water activites and bonfire in the night added to the fun. Highly recommended for overnight camping. Reaching this place is also easy.


Best trip

It was a nice trip & wonderful experience.


Indrahar Pass Trek

Was an amazing experience. Our guide Mr.Rajesh Bharadwaj had great knowledge about the mountains and the campsite. Would surely come on a trek again..:)


Trip Review

Overall trip was very good, food was good arrangements was good but one thing which we felt was bad is the guide behavior, as we were trekking for the first time so he should treat us like a beginner not as experienced one. Second he should be polite not arrogant. He didnt make anything to make the trekking enjoyable.



We really had a nice time at the trip... it was fun and exciting...
We had a great guide full of life who motivated and helped us complete the trek..Kayaking in the backwaters of sharavati was an joyful experience.... It was an awesome group to hang out with... we made good friends out there. The tents were quite comfortable and the food provided at the homestay was simple and good...The night ended perfectly with the bonfire and masti... sleeping in the tents and gazing at the stars gave a completeness to the purpose of this trip....Thank you krishna , kavitha for making this happen and most importantly triphippe for existing... :)


Triund Trek 26.11 & 27.11

3 kms of Extra Trekking from Guest House to the Trek Starting Point was really painful by the end of the Trek.
Atleast inform the customer that they can cover that 3 kms by car.


Absolutely fantastic job by Triphippie

Triund trek is one of the easiest trek, although the last one kilometer can be arduous for some. But the view from the top is worth the climb. Sunrise is not to be missed. And much thanks to Triphippie for conducting the trip smoothly. The tents and sleeping bags are good. The guides are quite friendly. The food served, although basic, is nice. All this makes, Triund Trip with Triphippie highly recommended. Cheers.


A trip to remember

We are middle aged women who decided to take a break from the mundane life, left our kids in the care of our husbands and decided to experience adventure. I must say, on behalf of my 8 other friends, we throughly enjoyed it. First of all we loved the food. Lots of variety, clean, less spice and very little oil. Its very important to get food on such nature camps as most activities are outdoors and you need your stomach to be perfect. The water activities such as kayaking, zip lining was good with safety vests( new and clean ones). The tents were surprisingly quite big and super clean. The staff were really amazing. So helpful, especially Puneet and the lady cook, Chetan.. actually everyone were so welcoming. We thorughly enjoyed the trip and would recommend it to others


Triund Trek and Camping 25-11-2016

After reaching Mcleodgunj at 6:00AM in the morning, we went to Shiv Shakti Guest house. The staffs were very nice to us. The best thing was, everything was very well organized and systematic. After having breakfast at around 9:15AM we started getting prepared for the Trek. We were introduced to the guide (Anuj Chauhan) who was very knowledgeable and helpful. We started getting instructions from the guide about the trek before starting. He checked our toe nails, so that it won't hurt at the time of trekking. Have been asked what we have kept in our bag packs so that we don't miss the important stuff etc. We started at 11:00AM for the trek. While trekking, Anuj tried every possible ways to keep us energetic and positive. He encouraged us and prepared us mentally whenever we had to climb on a difficult track. We reached Triund at 5:15PM. He congratulated everyone after reaching at Triund. The 8 Km Trek was worth. The view was mesmerizing. Soon after reaching there, we got tea and evening snacks. Had good conversation with the entire group at the bonfire. Anuj was again a good part of the conversation. The early dinner was simple and nice. The experience having all such activities was really awesome. Next morning Tea and breakfast was again good. The over all trip was great. The only problem which i felt was the washroom. It can be properly managed.I would love to see them in proper manner in my next trip.


great trip.... thanx triphippie

It was a nice trip with triphippie. Arrangements at Triund hills were good (camps, food, sleeping bags etc.). Our Guide (Mr. Anuj) was also very good and helpful. The only thing which was not good, they were charging 100 rs (each person) for using their washroom which is very high. I fell washroom facility must be there in your trip package and it should not be chargeable.


Sar Pass trek

I booked my trek via TripHippie. Before booking I read lots of Sar Pass trek blogs to understand how is the trek. Most of the blogs are written by YHAI Sar pass trek participants. I avoided YHAI trek batches after understanding that the arrangements are very basic in nature. But in all the blogs it was written clearly that YHAI may seem the best option as it is convenient from cost point of view, safety factors and lastly it is a government backed organization. I registered with 3 of my friends in TripHippie . They clearly mentioned on call that they will not organize the trek on their own as they are booking platform but the organizer team is comprised of mountaineers and capable guides. It was one of the best trekking experiences in my life I must say. April May is best time for it. I was in mid May batch and it was like heaven. I can not thank you more. very good trek and great experience


Wonderful experience!

Without giving a second thought ,pack your bags and just go for it. Embrace the beauty of Triund hills!


Pretty trip

When we reached there, we were given a room which was pretty good, the staff was also fine. Actually everything was fin except one thing, our guide. I don't know if we were unlucky or what, our guide MJ was not interested in "guiding" us at all. I hope triphippie improves that. After reaching ground we were alloted a new guide whose name was Deep, well, he was pretty good, so full marks for him. Other than that, everyone there was very polite and kind, be it the guy who colled food or other guides who were always ready to help. This trip was totally fun and triphippie helped a lot because it was our first trekking trip. I would suggest triphippie to all!
Btw, advice for all: do carry a rincoat when you go there, most of my friends didn't, and trust me, two hailstorms fucked them.


Wonderful just wonderful

One of the best managed treks.The guides and tents were the best in the trek.Thanks the Hippie team ! Going to Chadar this year


Nice team outing

We went for a corporate outing and it was a fun experience.Food and stay was good and rafting was also nice.


The best experience

Referred to TripHippie by a friend and they did a great job.Food was buffet with enough choices for both non veg and veg.The staff and camp coordinators were super helpful and helped us to reduce our tension.The rafting was thrilling with our rafting guide letting us do stunts and helping us glide through the torrents and rapids.Wonderful job TripHippie !


Loved rafting stay in cottage

Good stay near river .Rafting good.


Overnight stay

Machan stay was good but less light.Rafting was good enjoyed the zipline also


Rafting rocks

We had a great experience with Triphippie.The trainer made us do some great stunts and we dived into Kundalika,scary but awesome


Superb simply superb

It was a great coordination and what an experience.Donot miss the level 4 rapids after 10 mins.


Superb awesome team outing

Thanks Triphippie we had a great time with all those water sports and night trekking.We will come again for your other team outings.


Triund Trek Review

It was a great package with good food and tent facilities.Guide also waited for us on the way.
Only issue we found- Tents could be more clean.
Otherwise staff was very co-operative


Nag Tibba trek booked from Triphippie

Nag Tibba trek cost is moderate in TripHippie and the organizer of Pantwari provided decent services to us. Happy and friendly guide. Overall we are satisfied with Nag Tibba package you provided


ms shreyaa mehta

It was so far the best experience of a trek. Life changing event !


Awesome Experience

The location of the camp is pretty awesome. It's away from the rush of the town, all you can hear is the peaceful sound of Parvati river flowing besides the camp. There was also a bonfire in the night with music which made the environement very lovely. The stay in the camp is also very cozy with attached washroom. One thing which was not upto the mark was food. The quality of the food can be improved and there should be more varieties to be served in breakfast/dinner. Overall I would rate my experience 4 out of 5.


Triund trek package at very good cost

It was a short and very beautiful trek. We booked via TripHippie after searching a lot over internet and then talking to TripHippie representative Sarabjeet. The booking process is simple and quick. We reached Mcleodganj and reported to the base camp. It takes half an hour by walking and we found Gulab waiting there for us. Washroom was not good. But its ok as the washroom service was complementary. Dinner was hot and tasty. Overall good trekking experience.


Valley of flowers trek package review

Our valley of flowers trek package was good. We enjoyed the trek and nature. Thank you. Hemkund was difficult which was not conveyed to us. My wife faced some issue due to height. Otherwise it was good trekking experience


Spiti valley home stay trek

A classic and truly enjoyed trek. An extraordinary trekking with local friends. Kibber, Komik, Demul all are very beautiful villages. Do not forget to carry good camera and extra batteries. Believe me, you will need it.


Good budget Nag Tibba trek cost program

This was our first trek in Uttarakhand. A bit hectic but very enjoyable. Whole team from start to end was very supportive which made our Nag Tibba trek experience an excellent one. But I think it is better done in 3D2N instead of 2D1N.


Complete Nag Tibba package

We availed Nag Tibba trek package via TripHippie. And they handed us to a very knowledgeable and friendly guide, Bachan. Bachan is a true Pahadi in all sense. Very good trekking experience thanks to TripHippie.


Chopta Deoriatal trek in 5 days program

Good view and good trekking guide. Chopta trek is our first trek in Himalaya. We all loved it very much


Chopta trek with friends

The trek was nice. First and last day car journey is tiring. But view is beautiful. Arguably the best short trek in Uttarakhand. The owner of the lodge we stayed in at Chopta was so friendly and nice person. We didn't carry raincoat so faced a little glitch on 3rd day while it rained for sometime


Indrahar pass trek

For those who think this is not a first timer trek I think its better you try this one out.We trekked for 5 hours on an average and it gave us a lot of time to relax and unwind.A great show put up by triphippie guides who took us to sight seeing in the Lahesh caves.A bit difficult at times through the Illaqa got but completely worth it.Do pack your bags light as it may be challenging at some points.Overall a great trek.


Indrahar with triphippie

A great experience when we trekked the Indrahar pass.The track from Lahesh to Illaqa Got is mesmerizing.The Dhauladhar range is majestic with great food and our guides were friendly and understanding.Toilet tents were provided as promised and clean sleeping bags were provided.A few more tea breaks would have been good as the weather was chilling :P



A great trip..thanks triphippie

We went on the 7th October group and it was a remarkable experience.The team at Triphippie was always there over call and on ground with their guides.The tents were clean and new with superb meals thanks to the cook.Please take in some warm clothes,believe me it will be chilling at night.Eat responsibly while you trek as my colleague faced some issues.


Solo trekking to Triund

I am a solo trekker and decided to go with the Triphippie team after I saw their reviews on the internet.The trek was smooth with a time taken around 5 hours.The guide was a great guy,he pitched tents to the places with the best view.The team at Triphippie managed a group of 200+ with superb meals and arrangements.Its worth it ! Cheers and happy trekking !


Wow ! Just wow !!

We went with Triphippie and our 20 member team from my office.The arrangements were superb with lip smacking chicken meals atop the hill.The guide was a darling and he took special care so that we can get the best view from our tents.Cheers to Triphippie team who managed a huge group of 200 people and everything was like clockwork.


Chopta trek at its best

Just returned from Chopta trek with friends. Beautiful trek. Looking for many more


Beautiful trek with basic arrangement

Triund is indeed a paradise on earth. Until you go there you won't understand its beauty. The arrangements were OK and basic. Washroom could be cleaner


Nice trek

Nice trek on a weekend but a bit long.


Kheerganga trek in September

They take care of Kasol to Kasol. It was a nice trek to Kheerganga. We faced a mild rain which caused some glitches as we were not carrying any raincoat. Accommodation was arranged in Hosteler dormitory in Kasol. Overall I will suggest Kheerganga trek


Our honeymoon with TripHippie

We went in September and the arrangements were great.The chauffeur Mr.Raja was a darling.He took us to some secluded beaches.The specially arranged beachside dinner at Havelock is a must try.The trip was extremely well coordinated by folks from TripHippie.SCUBA diving at Havelock was an add on adventure.Thanks guys !


Triund Trek

Nice & cooperative staff. good facilities as per package.Gide was very nice person


Nice adventurous trip

It was a great trip. We have enjoyed a lot there. Hopefully we will tried to visit once again.


A noteworthy experience

The trek started at 12.00 for us though we were asked to report at 10(Thanks to our timing sense and punctuality). We were given packed lunch for the way and it tasted just like home made food(no complains). Water is something you need to carry of your own or u can definitely buy from the reporting venue, but that's a must. if u r trekking in the rainy season like now and if u r not carrying a rain coat, dont worry u can buy ponchos for just 100rs and they really served the purpose well.It took us 6.5 hrs to complete the trek as it did started raining. I had trekked in the rain before but what was new this time is the hail storm. you can trek in the rain with a rain coat but cannot do it in the hail storm. and its a wise idea to take shelter under a tree as the ice balls do hit hard. But in-spite of the obstacles I had a nice experience. This was new and somehow i was pleased with it. After the hail storm the temperature did shoot low but the tea stops on the way are life saviors. our guide Mr. Pyarelal was gem of a guy and was very patient with us stopping every now and then. If it were not for us I am sure he would have completed the trek in 3 hours. The level of the trek is really not hard. reaching the top was an achievement as this the first time I trekked for so long. The view is splendid from there. Though September may not be best time to visit as clouds can spoil the view. But still we did manage to get the view which we aimed for. Dauladhar range is real beauty. You get comfortable tents and sleeping bags to sleep in. food and services get 5 stars. Could not ask more on top of a hill.


Difficult but really enjoyable trek

Rupkund is really beautiful. Best camping and trekking of my life


Prashar lake trekking

Good Trek. Enjoyed the serenity. Perfect for the first time trekkers


Fantastic camping at Bhandardara

The trip was fantastic as the camping spot was serene, secluded and clean. The hosts were also very helpful.


Good Camping spot near Mumbai

Enjoyed a lot. Thank you for the arrangement


Excellent Camping site

The experience was fantastic. The best part was it was just beside the lake and not many people were around. The local coordinators were really helpful.
One small mistake from TripHippie side was, we were told that it will take 30 min. to reach Bhandardara from Kasara. But actually it took one and half hour.


good but can be even better

it was my first trip with you if provided with the dried sticks means it would be better for the camp fire.



Great hospitality from Trip Hippie ... All arrangements were fantasticly done.Great support from Trip hippie team . Hopeful for more trips


Its okay

The experience was good.


Anthargange Night Trek

The over all planning was very bad. There were 66 people on the trek. That is an extremely huge number for such a small place. The place was beautiful and the helping staff and guide were great but the sheer number of people spoiled the experience.
The timing was also bad. We spent as much time in the bus reaching from bangalore to the trek as we spent on the trek itself.


Great trek!

The trek was great. The guide, Mr. Jitender was very helpful and knowledgeble. The only issue was since we trekked during the monsoon, all 5 of us were drenched and 2 out of the 5 sleeping bags were not up to the mark. Overall it was a great experience and would love to do it again!


Location great, arrangements can be better

We stayed there for the overt night camp. The location was perfect, alongside a beautiful lake, close enough to Bangalore but far enough from city rush. Camps were cozy and comfortable. With the platform set, they could have executed it better. There was no organized schedule as to which group will be doing what activities and when. We were told that high rope activities will be covered in the evening after the water activities but they were not. On the second day the crowd was more than they expected and as such they lost even the little organization that they had. The food was also not something that I will cherish. On the whole, even though arrangements were not upto the mark but the location and set up alone can make this a adventurous and get not so exhaustive outing.


Good trip with good memories

The best part was the rafting. The place to stay was always a nice experience. However, the resort needs be maintained more. We had water shortage problems multiple times. There was a powercut too and no generator facilities. The zip lining and river crossing was ridiculously small but it was fun. We had a good experience overall.


Triund Trek - Absolutely amazing!!

I am just so glad that we could go for this trek.. The Triphippie crew helped us in every way possible and has everything ready for us as promised. From the food arrangement to camping and trekking. The guides were very helpful and funny too.. They told us many interesting stories about the place.
We were around 15 of us and we just went after our college ended.. And Triphippie helped us make it the most memorable trip ever..
Thank you so much for all the help!! You guys are amazing!! It was indeed a great experience and we loved every bit of it!! Cheers!



Good service and arrangements


Once in a Lifetime Trip

This was definitely a once in a lifetime kind of a trip. There is so much to see and do in Ladakh, so our only wish was that we had more time to spend there. Triphippie arranged everything for us so we didn't have to worry about anything. We were also able to customize the trip to what we wanted to do, which was perfect! Thanks to Triphippie, especially the local staff on the ground, we had an unforgettable trip full of incredible memories!


Nicely organized trip

The whitewater rafting trip on Sita river and Agumbe Rainforest was a nicely organized trip by Ashish and Ishan. These guys made sure everyone was relaxed and comfortable. They planned an excellent trip that encompassed sports (whitewater rafting), visiting historical sites (fort, Jain temple), trekking (through rainforest to a birdseye view of a waterfall), social work (tree planting), adventure (walking upstream inside a creek) and games (role playing the Mafia game before a bonfire). The place we stayed was just perfect with great food, very nice hosts and clean beds. The hot water pumped from a wood burning stove was just amazing. Overall this was one of the best trips I have been on in my lifetime and I will always remember the hospitality (Ishaan gave me his own socks because I forgot to carry mine), the great food (vermacelli for breakfast) and especially the good time with the other 18 people who made this a very memorable trip. Let me also make mention of the super van we traveled in which was custom fitted with JBL speakers and the driver who was very skilled and experienced. Stephen


Bitan Roy Choudhury

I had a great time there.The food was good.


White Water Rafting with Machaan Stay

The Rafting experience was awesome amidst turbulent water and inclement weather . The gears provided were adequate and protective. The food and hospitality was also nice in the Machaan where we had stayed overnight for the activity. The cottages were even better.
It was an unique experience as the Machaan was all but covered in river water, as it was raining profusely. All in all , an adventurous weekend well spent. Special Thanks and pat on the back for Trip hippie team for the entire experience and smooth functioning of all the activities


“A refreshing stay”

We stayed in this place for a couple of days and I must say that we had absolute fun. The hosts (Pradeep and his team) were very courteous and hospitable. No fancy food; just a simple variety but that didn't really impact our impression. They really have a lot of other services. They try to accommodate our requests as much


Great Experience and thrilling rafting

This was my first rafting trip and it was quite scary at first.But the sheer enthusiasm of our rafting guides and camp coordinators made my day memorable.The camps especially the machan which we lived was a great experience.Great show guys !


Nature and Adventure camp

Staff is wonderful and hospitality is excellent

Raghu,Puneeth,Kiran have made my stay very memorable


Beautiful trek

The trek was awesome. Though you can not find snow now but view is mesmerizing. The drizzle added an extra edge to our trek. Awesome trek


My first trek-Sarpass

Sarpass was my first trek. My experience was awesome. Right from acclimatization till the end. We were only 14 trekkers,along with 2 instructors and 5 porters. The food was excellent. The camps were refreshing, as soon as we reached the camp site, we had a beautiful view of the surrounding nature. Our Instructor, Vishal Sir, was very helpful. As days went by, friendship between us got stronger and stronger. We helped each other to climb the mountain. And when we reached the submit, the feeling was something else. The feeling of satisfaction after some hard work. The ice slide was awesome. The camps which we came across during descend,were located at beautiful places. At Bhandak tach,we played different games ,along with the porters,it was so much fun.We spent the entire evening singing and dancing in front of the bonfire. Manu Sir gave us invaluable tips. But I remember only one of them, that more than fitness,you need big heart and mental strength to do the trek. Of course we need luck with the weather.Do visit Sar Pass with Triphippie.


Fireflies Camping at Bhandardara

Hi !
My daughter and my wife wanted to have a short weekend on 11th and 12th June' 2016. My daughter asked me to book the trip through Trip Hippie . After paying advance to trip hippie through net banking, , we left for Bandardhara on 11th June in our own vehicle . There was slight drizzling and atmosphere was cool . Enroute , we took a halt at Shre Datta hotel for snacks and resumed our journey towards Bandardhara.
As soon as we reached Bandardhara dam , I called up the tour manager who sent an escort to take us to the rest house where we could relish the home made maharashtrian food . The tour manager, a young and dynamic local enterpreneur has a very nice and cozy set up for the guests to move in.. He prepares food himself and has a team of 10-15 locals . He also provides a guide to take us to various sites such as Amruteshwar mandir , Sandhan Valley , Konkan Kada and back to rest room .
In the evening we are served tea along with hot Kanda bhajji .
Post dinner , we decided to go and see the "Kajwa mohatsav " ( Festival of Fire Flies ), the star attaraction of our trip . Between 15th may to 30th June , Bhandardhara displays a rare phenomenon of nature - This is the mating and breeding season of fireflies. For the first time in my life , I saw millions of fireflies glittering in the night like tiny minsicule silver stars around the tree . It was the highlight of our trip .
Next day i.e. on 12th , we had our break fast and proceeded to Randhwa fall , where a beautifully created wooden platform bridge is made to see the fall , dam , flowing water and take photos of the picturesque view of age old rocks , flowing water and feel the breeze on our face . After that we had a short halt at the Arthur lake where tent camping is done at night. The tour manager and his team provide you with Indian and imported tents to stay besides the lake , have a bonfire and gaze at the star studded night .
We were totally satisfied and happy with the arrangements made by Trip Hippie .
It was a short and sweet trip and I think we got value for our money .
we would look forward to follow trip hippie for more of such trips in future also. 4 stars for facilities and hospitality .
Thank you Trip Hippie for providing joy to me and my family.


Spiti Valley Homestay Trek

It was a nice experience to go with Triphippie. Homestays were as per expectation and budget. Nice and comfortable and people were helpful. It would have been good if the Trek would have started in Lalung and ended at Langza in order to avoid the Altitude sickness due to sudden ascent. But overall it was great to experience the beautiful valley via Triphippie.


Best short trek in Kasol

I totally enjoyed it. Though it was raining and we faced difficulty in walking but it was a splendid trekking. And hot spring bath is the best reward of Kheerganga trek. Basic food, camping and friendly guide, we enjoyed a lot.


Malvan Scuba

Room provided was basic but comfortable. The best part was it was very near to the beach so we enjoyed the sea winds all day and night. I have done Scuba in Goa and will give that first preference. But here also it was a great experience. Best part was dolphin sighting


Thrilling experience

Went to Kolad with my friends. This I found most cost effective and I didn't get disappointed. Easy to reach by by car from Pune. Must try in weekend.


White water rafting Kundalika river

Went for just rafting. Arrangement was good. Thanks Ashwini for your help

Did not take the food option as thought it will be cheaper nearby but not so many options available nearby. Carry water, dry food etc.



NIce trip. The campsite is situated in a thin forest. The camp owner is hospitable and nice person


Group trek to Kareri lake

We started on Thursday night from Delhi and reached Mcleodganj on Friday morning. Started the trek with car drive and then trekking. The food in Kareri village was very tasty.The entire trek went well. Night temperature is quite low. Thanks for providing us with Ponchos.


Indrahar Pass trek May

Went in May. Nice arrangement. Thanks. All trekker should do Indrahar


Triund trek: A short good trek for us

Good experience. Not extraordinary. But yes. really value for money. And if you are not seeking luxury then this is perfect trek for you


Fireflies festival: an idea of Christmas in India

Wonderful experience to visit the fireflies festival and see the blinking natural lights lighting up the forest. A must recommend for all nature lovers. An experience that cannot be captured with a camera but one that is lived! Camping, tents, and football at the lakeside was a wonderful add on. Bhandhara calls for more such trips


A very good trek

We enjoyed a lot. And Ankush was great. He is the most friendly and well behaved guide I have seen till now.
2nd night Camping was better at Laka. And for all your information the locals say it as 'Illaqa' not Laka. Overall I will recommend Trip Hippie agency to others


Bhandardara- d undiscovered treasure

Bhandardara, is the perfect destination for a nature loving hippie and a must go for all travelers. I had been to Bhadardara on the 11-12 th of June this year through Trip Hippie. And undoubtedly Trip Hippie made the entire trip and amazing and a safe experience.
This destination is a perfect weekend destination for travelers from Mumbai, Pune, Nasik and Ahamadnagar. You can book your weekend trip with Trip Hippie and they provide you with accommodation, food, sight seeing and camping at jaw dropping prices. You can either opt for a tent stay or a room stay. The tents are good and staying in a camp is safe. Although a little far but there is proper sanitation facility.
The Trip Hippie team is a people friendly and a hardworking group of local youngsters. If you reach the place around noon on a Sat, they serve you with simple, tasty and healthy maharashtrain food. Post lunch you can enjoy sight seeing. You can start by visiting the Amruteahwar temple and then trek down to the amazing Sandhan valley. Towards late evening you can feel the fresh air at kokan kada and click some pics. A tour guide accompanies you while you explore this place and you get to know a lot more from him then what you actually see. You can then get back to ur tents / rooms and enjoy some spicy Kandabhaji with tea.
At around 8 pm you need to set your foot out 1c again to watch the fireflies. The sight of fireflies in Bhandardara is a must watch phenomena, it's that unbeatable creation of nature which will keep you mesmerized.
You can come back and have dinner and enjoy the camp fire and spend the rest of the time chit chatting and dreaming.
The next morning if you are an early riser, you can go for a morning walk and enjoy the forest or you can get up late and check out taking a halt at the randhava falls and then finally starting your journey back.
After doing a good amount of research, I had choosen trip hippie and I must say they made it perfect! The travel guide was provided for free and could make the most in the lill time.
Long live Trip Hippie!



Challenging for few, but awesome trek!

Challenging for few, but awesome trek! | Going with trip hippie was the best decision I made. I have experienced going with them was THE BEST I could ever have! The staff was super cool. Even they encouraged us to keep the environment clean which I don't think any other organisation does as we were the one who were cleaning the paths filled with chocolate wrappers after them! For those who are reading this, YOU SHOULD DO THIS TREK with these guys!


Just jump

I couldn't believe after I did it. I was not sure whether I should go for it or not. Rafting was fun and thrilling. But jumping with a rope? Its difficult to prepare yourself. But after taking the jump of my life, I felt something I never felt. You won't think anything for that 8-10 second. Weightless body and mind. Worth jumping.


Short weekend trek

I am a weekend trekker. So Bangalore does not disappoint me. I have been to Antaragange earlier. But liked Kuntibetta experience more. Good support and care. Do not forget to carry water and a light woolen



Life changing place

Its so beautiful. I just can't express. Rain, mountain, river, clouds, flowers and more flowers..I didn't know that such places exist


Good weekend trip with Family

Reasonable price. Had fun with family. Stayed in cottage house. Air condition not required in monsoon. Being peak season it was crowded. But enjoyed the rafting


valley of Beauty!!!

I loved it. People are so simple. Its been one month I have returned from Spiti and still miss the surreal land. Will visit again


My 3rd rafting experience

Rishikesh rafting of South India


Very good camping experience

Just returned from Kanatal. Very beautiful location. The trek was short and easy and perfect for family like us. Do not expect a strenuous trek. Did not opt for activities as relaxing was prime motto. Overall nice experience


Good Experience

Good trek. Enjoyed the weekend. Will visit again


Spiti valley home stay and trek review

First time booked any trip from Trip Hippie. No disappointment. Arrangements were basic but very comfortable and well planned out. Thanks to Trip Hippie and our guide. Enjoyed real beauty of Spiti.


Very good trek

We started from Bangalore 2 hours late from the exact time officially communicated. But that was acceptable as there was heavy traffic everywhere in night. The journey was a fun and the trek was an awesome trek. Totally new to this kind of experiences.


The underwater heaven

Amazing experience. Worth doing


Amazing trek

Friendly and hospitable guide. Though it was hot but enjoyed the trek


A trip to remember

We really enjoyed the trip. And the best part was walking by the river. Will surely visit again. Only glitch is from Bus stand you have to walk for approx. 25 minute. But for a traveler to kasol I think that is fine :D


Very good experience

It was a nice experience. The ambience was good and liked by all of us. Supportive organizers. Will surely recommend to others.



Very good and well organized


corporate visit

it was group of friends we visited the place on the way to mangalore...initially we were hesitate to go off road from NH 47 , however road was oki once we reached been welcome with nice drink of juice.And offered many activities, we started with dirt bike ride , followed by Air riffle shooting , ATV bikes and then the paintball. Arena is well setup , nearly to natural war field and totally enjoyed the natural water stream too...which is very near to facility... also gone on cycling... and last but not the least to try the trampoline and Sumo suit fun fight with each other...infidelity will visit for stay shortly...hospitality was good....


Awesome experience

This is the most affordable and the best way to reach Triund without compromising on your food and comforts. The only disappointment was the cleanliness of sleeping bags. I hope they improve here.


Very Satisfying!

This was our second trek with an agency, and we have to admit that this time we enjoyed far better facilities than the previous one.
Food was of high quality, like we cook at home.The guides were extremely helpful and patient, specially on the snow patches, they hold our hands to make sure we were safe.. Three cheers to Hiralal Thakur, and another guide, whose name we don't remember, someone from Kullu..
The main organizer, Manu, was really helpful. He provided us with a lot of tips, which proved to be really game-changer.. Stuffs like how to pack our bags and simple tips on how to walk on snow, etc. Gave us clean and good quality sleeping bag liners. And he was extremely down to earth and knowledgeable too.
The entire experience was awesome.. One which will make us consider the agency once again.


An experience to remember

We went last week for the trip.It was a great trek and awesome cave exploration.
Thanks Trip Hippie guys !


Truly awesome experience

Since it was my first trek, I wanted it to be a lifetime memory. And it turned out exactly like that, thanks to Triphippie. The entire trip was memorable. Right from the start, to the food, the tents and the sight seeing, everything was very well organised. I will definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a nice, comfortable and reasonable trip.


Nag Tibba Trek

Well when it comes to trekking most of us take ourselves out from plan, same happened with me where I asked my friends to go here and after 2 weeks all was set however I started getting hard feeling.. Yar.. 23 kms too tough but now i cant take my step backs from here but when we started all such feelings went out from mind and we were all happy when we came down next day, arrangements were good and guys were very decent and happy. Overall I'll rate 4 to the Triphippie and would like to make more trek with them and I'd suggest to all that please go out and take this challenge and do some serious trekking this builds more confidence and Nag Tibba may be a nice trek to start with.
Thanks alot for your help and all arrangements. See you guys


Valley of Shadow

Had a great experience with friends. The best trekking experience till now. Beautiful campsite by the lake. Enjoyed it thoroughly.


An escape into beauty and nature!

A beautiful experience, one would want to relive again and again, a big thanks to the guides and a huge shout out to the great team who made this life changing trek possible. Looking forward to many more in times to come!


One night camping

Went in the last week of May'16. Unique experience! Very friendly and helpfull guides. Enjoyed sleeping in the tent. There are no security issues, and everything is well taken care of. Would surely visit again in September or October.


Nature at its Best

Amazing trek. Our trek guide knew all the species of flowers literally. It was a great trek. Will be looking for similar treks this year too.


Truly magnificent experience

The breathtaking visuals of the Dhauladhar atop Triund, a sort of Scottish hamlet feel and especially the mindboggling view of the night sky made the experience totally worthwhile. The trek itself was moderately difficult, for the non-accustomed. The Triphippie staff were very helpful and proper provisions, food and guidance were provided. They even arranged a cab for our return. Hope to come back in more wintery conditions and trek to Indrahar!


Wonderful trek and awesome arrangements

I went with 5 friends of mine to VoF last year with Triphippie.Great campsites with very sincere guides and staff.Tarun from the Triphippie team helped us a lot in planning and our trek guide was a real sweetheart


Awesome experience

Had a wonderful experience with triphippie. The journey was well planned in advance, nice arrangement of camps & bonfires and awesome location selection for camps. The Instructors were very friendly and cooperative. Had a wonderful period of 7 days being closer to the nature and really had a lot of fun. Thanks Triphippie! You guys are doing an excellent job.


futta saur lake trek

we recently did this trek... it was awesome... a truly virgin trek... unforgettable experience
thanks to the whole team


Thank you Triphippie :)

I had lots of expectations from Sarpass trek. I had seen a ton of photos, read all the blogs that could, I was really excited for this trek. The photos looked beautiful. I was a bit nervous too as this was my first snow trek. After all, climbing to 13800feet is no joke. But in the end it was worth it. The feeling you get when you reach the summit, cannot be described in words. It was amazing. The view was fantastic, even better than what it looks in photos, the landscapes were beautiful, the campsites were really awesome. This whole experience was made even better thanks to Triphippie because of the facilities they provided even remote mountains. The food was amazing, the tents were new and the guides were friendly and experienced. Overall it was an amazing experience :)


Sarpass Trek

13800 ft, -6 degree temperature,It was really an woundful experience. It was my first snow trek & by our gud luck we enjoy a snowfall to.Instructors were gud in nature and friendly to us. And specially food was awes throughout the trek. Me & my friend enjoy alot & learn many thing from instructors.Thankuh so much


Sar Pass trek

It was really an woundful experience in my life & It was my first snow trek, and by our good luck we enjoy snowfall. Thanks Triphippie. Instructors friendly & gud in nature. And specially food was awes throughout trek.Me & friend enjoy alot & learn many thing from our group instructor.


Awesome trek

13800 ft, -6 degree temperature, 0.6 atm pressure, 7 days, more than 60 km distance covered! It was really an amazing experience. It was my first snow trek, and I enjoyed it completely. Thanks Triphippie for a complete package. Instructors were good and friendly. They managed our group very well. Facilities at all the camps are good. Especially the food was great. No doubt my next trek will be with Triphippie only!


Up, close & personal with the Dhauladhars

It is a must do for those visiting Mcleodganj over the weekends. The view of Dhauladhars from Triund top is majestic. Good for first time trekkers while seasoned ones can move ahead to Indrahar pass. Good to see triphippie arranges that as well (


Awesome!! Sar Pass Trek May 8th 2016

We had an awesome experience in Sar pass trek which was organised by Triphippie. The arrangements were too good. It is even good for couples especially when you consider safety for ladies. The instructors are friendly and supportive. Being vegetarians we were a bit worried about the food but Triphippie made sure we did not have any issues. Food was like a mini buffet at all heights. We had a Jain friend with us for whom separate food was provided at all times. Food was tasty. Another thing we appreciated was the number of people in the batch. As the number is lesser, the instructors pay attention to each one of us and help according to everyone's needs and capabilities. This is my first trek experience and there is no doubt that the next one will be wih Triphippie too.


Kunti betta

It has been an out and out awesome experience. Right from the arrangements , the facilities, all were beyond expectation. A huge thumbs up to Trip hippie



Great experience

Awesome trip. Really enjoyed. Have never done waterfall rappelling before.


Experience serenity

I recently took a scuba diving package with TripHippie. The experience was simply amazing, right from the private beach resort, to sea food dinner to scuba diving. The tour guide was really co-operative and made sure that we did not face any problems.


Wonderful stay and food on triund top

Well organized itinerary and supportive/knowledgeable guide (Ankush). Only glitch was the initial trek to galu temple which could be covered by cab/taxi. That would have caused less fatigue. Still, we enjoyed our stay.



A great trek (at a great price)

This was a very well organized trek - other operators charge almost twice of what TripHippie is charging! Highly recommended.


Triund Trek

Very well organised and nice staff. Highly recommended.


Trek well organized

The team made the trek worthwhile for us right from knowledge of the guide to food and water provision. Safety of girls is taken care of, nonetheless. It was a wonderful experience.


Triund Trek

Had an awesome trek with all amenities taken care of carefully by Triphippie. Everything was well coordinated and planned. The trek is not moderate for us city dwellers. It took us about 5 hours to go up and 3 hours to trek down. Guide and meals were provided by them. In all a good trip.


Trek for starters!!

An easy yet must to do trek for all trekkers. Don't forget to carry extra batteries and extra clothing as everything up there is picturesque and entire place is very very humid. Trekked in 2015 and will go again


Best Himalayan trek for a nature lover

This is the best trek I ever had. Hundreads of species of flowers, glaciers, mountain spring, waterfalls. This place is heaven


Well Organized trek!

Thank you team Triphippie. We are so glad we chose you to organize our trek trip to Triund. From the start till the very end , our trekking trip to Triund was very well organized at a very effective cost. Given it was our first trekking trip, we really had no idea about anything and were quite worried, but your team at Triund helped us a lot. Thanks a lot again!


Well Organized treck!

Thank you team Triphippie. We are so glad we chose you to organize our trek trip to Triund. From the start till the very end , our trekking trip to Triund was very well organized at a very effective cost. Given it was our first trekking trip, we really had no idea about anything and were quite worried, but your team at Triund helped us a lot. Thanks a lot again!


Amazing tour!!

Spituk to matho trek is a trek of a lifetime, the guides, food and accommodation was wonderfully arranged.



Thankyou Triphippie for conducting such a beautiful trek in Ladakh. Loved the Markha Valley Trek itinerary.... Amazing Guide....Amazing people.... Thank you once again


Awesome weekend


I visited this camp with my team mates. It's an awesome place for team outing. The service was really good.


Best one ever!

Had a lot of fun backpacking through the north, thanks to TripHippie. From prompt and hassle free pickups to comfortable transportation throughout the journey, TripHippie has given us close to no reason to complain. Even the appointed guide who was also the driver accompanying us was well versed in the routes and rates. He was a good company for all of us throughout the trip and his knowledge of the place made him an invaluable resource to all of us. The hotels arranged were homely yet affordable with a good service all around. They sure know how to pick the good ones. Overall it was a beautiful experience further enhanced by TripHippie's assistance. Kudos guys.Great work. Would give you a 5/5


One Day Adventure at Kanakpura

The place is really good. at the first look it might deceive people but the place is one of the best getaways. Its very peaceful with the toppings of sports.If gone in group, its a real nice place to chill n relax. :)


One of the unique experience in India

This is the best rappelling experience you can experience and worth the hype.


Very good experience

It was really a nice experience in the camp. We enjoyed the boating, kayaking and strawberry camp visit. Scenic beauty is awesome.


Dandeli River Rafting

It was a nice experience...really enjoyed the water sports and the company of the ppl


Awesomeness is EDAS

One of the best trek group I have come across. Organised very nicely with professional equipment. The Organizers are very fun loving and humble people with complete entertainment. Looking forward for some more in future


Wonderful experience

Nicely conducted with all safety measures in place. EDAS is an awesome group. Looking forward to more treks with them.



Thank you Trip Hippie for organizing an awesome trip to Leh Ladakh! Connecting us with some of the warmest and amazing local individuals made our whole trip comfortable, tension free and memorable. Always available to answer any queries, very reliable and great service!


Rishikesh trip

Since we planned everything at the eleventh hour, we weren't getting any deal in Rishikesh, also it was during the long weekend. But at that time Triphippie got us a really good deal at the decent price. The overall coordination, assistance, booking experience everything was very good. Also the arrangement done was good.


Awesome Trek trail

Been a nice experience of trekking in this trail organised by TripHippie team. Kudos and keep organising more such experiences


Triund Trek is a must

It was great arrangement from you guys. Really enjoyed the whole trip.


Best Group to hang out with!!!

I have been to many trips with 80 degree and have never failed to enjoy, even once. This group is the best and am hoping to enjoy in the Plus Valley Trek as well.


Koyna camping and kayaking

Sujit is a good host. He goes out of his way to make the guests comfortable. Kayaking was a fun activity. The location is picturesque though the best time to visit would be winters and monsoon.

The organisers could improve by revamping the tents and modernising them: And also by including more activities/clubbing with other locations.


Amazing Kayaking and great hospitality

We wanted to take a break from the hectic Mumbai life and visit a calm, serene place during the long weekend in March. While surfing the net for few such places closer to Mumbai, we came across Tapola as a weekend gateway option. We chose to visit this place after seeing the pics and reading about the activities offered.

As expected, Tapola turned out to be a beautiful and peaceful place. We loved every minute of our Kayaking and boating experience. The still calm water of the lake coupled with the adjoining hills covered with mist made for a beautiful landscape.

In addition, we were greatly touched by the hospitality of the caretakers who tried their best to make us feel at home. We also found their authentic Maharashtrian food really tasty.

In short, this trip was a very memorable experience and we are glad to opt for this weekend tour.


Very good camping experience

We really enjoyed a lot. Thank you guys


Awesome view and a great guide

Scintillating experience with you guys ! Loved it and a worth an all girls trip..cheers!


Fabulous Camping

My Triund Trek experience was very good. Went with 4 of my friends first week of March. Weather was really chilly and we enjoyed a lot. What a view of Himalaya. One of the best moments of my life. It was a complete package of food, guide, transport, accommodation etc. Early morning sunrise on next day was fabulous. You people don't have the option of uploading pics else would surely upload. Thank you for arranging such a beautiful trek


Ladakh Motarcycle Expedition

It was nice experience to ride on top of the world with other group members and tour leader as well.Got great hospitality from organiser.


Stunning and unique experience

The Chadar trek is a unique opportunity to walk up a frozen river in the middle of a stunning, remote landscape. Walking on ice is unlike any other trekking experience you are likely to have had before. TripHippie provided an excellent tour with great pre-trip advice and information and excellent guides and tour management. The hotels were clean and the food good. On the trip, the guides were engaging, entertaining and great company. They made every effort to ensure that customers were happy. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone who is looking for a cold, but hugely enjoyable trek. Thanks TripHippie!


Out of world experience

Just go for this trek. he trek is superb. The TripHippie support team was great. I am from Mumbai and before going to this trek, I was a bit apprehensive. But yes, always supportive team, great guide, support staff and food prepared by the staffs made our trek really memorable.

Don't forget to carry DSLR. Else you will lose memories of lifetime.


A great place to chill out and have some water sports

I visited the camp last weekend with 6 of my friends.The campsite is great and situated in the lap of nature.The water sports arena is great and our host treated us to some of best trekking and hiking experience.We had bonfire and music too ! Wonderful experience..thanks to TripHippie team


Great host, Great experience

Went with family. Stayed for 1 night. Awesome place for camping near Mumbai. Food, Comfortable Tents, Tasty homemade food and mindblowing lakeview are some the things you can expect. Just talk to Tarun and go there on next weekend.


Amazing place!!! And amazing hosts...

One of the most exhilarating experience... The place is very beautiful and the hosts were most welcoming.
Amazing camps, lake view, bonfire, barbequed tasty food and star gazing what else u want :)
We would recommend this as one of the things to do over a weekend.


Amazing Chopta trek !

I had the most amazing time during my Chopta trek. It was truly one of the most memorable trip of my life and will always cherish the nature's true beauty I found on my journey.

Thanks a lot for a wornderful experience. :)


Great Care. More than value for money.

Went with 4 of my friends. Enjoyed the Trek thoroughly. Good food, guide. The view of the lake is so scenic that will never forget it. And special mention of the porter who sang a song for us at 3rd day


Awesome SCUBA diving experience

Had a great experience booking my holiday trip with triphippie, they took special care throughout the trip and made it enjoying and hastle free. Good job, keep it up!!!


Awesome camping

This was so rejuvenating. This was my first camping experience through Triphippie and I definitely enjoyed it a lot. Great hospitality. Went on weekday so no one was there and I got the whole campsite as my own. And homemade awesome food made my experience unforgettable.


Har ki Dun Trek

Good Experience. Transportation, food all were good and well arranged. perfect for those who want to trek in small group
Next time may be Kedarkantha.


Chadar Trek

I changed date of journey many times due to my unsure work schedule. Thanks to the team to accommodated my request.
Chadar Trek, I found, is more mental than physical. Obviously you can not ignore such extreme cold, less oxygen and walking over unusual surface. But at the end, it is the best trek of your life.


Just Heaven

Just returned from the Trek last week and what a beauty it was. A fabulous snow trek. And obviously the hospitality and care taken by the guide on ground. Specially the food was awesome. Thanks TripHippie and the guide Mr. Bachchan for this great experience.

Tip: Avail the Transportation option. I did not opt for this time and the journey from Dehradun to Sankri was not comfortable. So next time I obviously will avail the transportation


Nice place to visit

Camp is very nice. we enjoyed alot .
Recommended, 2 hours journey from bangalore


Ladakh Motorcycle Expedetion 2015

I was the member of 2015 batch and enjoyed a lot. Tour leaders was always ready to be upfront on tough terrain and at water crossing. The guidance and advise of leaders help us to cross the tough patches.

Advise and managment made the trip unforgettable with lots of sweet memories.

Cant forget the camp stay with bonfire and music.


A Ride for Lifetime

I am always dreaming for A ride to Ladakh and completed last year with full enjoy, and come to know how Important the advice and accompany of experts. They assists us very well and stands with us at every problematic point. It was not too easy to ride on Nubra road but they make easy for all of us with their kind support.

Thanks a lot for your support and cooperation.


8 unknowns,2 days ,unlimited fun ...simple

Yes ,we were 8 ,stayed in Hampi for 2 days and got the foliage of memories a brief it is kind of Stonehenge of India ..splendidly sculptured ruins here and there it Vitthala Temple ,Lotus temple ,Elephants stable or everything else ,u will smell the valor once encrypted in the heart of this city ..nothing is permanent ,so did the dynasty of Hampi ....


Unique Trek

One of the unique treks to do around the world. The experience can't be summed up in words. You may read about Chadar trek, watch videos but the actual experience you get right from stepping your first foot on chadar(frozen river) is WAY WAY Different!. Must do thing for Adventurers!!....Gracias! Adios!



If you are really looking to pay your limits and get mesmerized at the same time 'Chadar trek' is for you. Any preparation won't be good enough and overall experience leaves you with bunch of stories to come back with. Very different experience from snowy Himalayas to frozen river. One of a kind trek. Well organised, everybody was motivated and taken care of.


Truly Mesmerizing

Place was wonderful. Nothing more fascinating than to be in the lap of Himalayas.

Overall organised very well. Although, there were minor blips by the supporting staff during the trek.


Just Awesome

Perfect small trek we actually looking for.


One of the best short Trek experiences

The Prashar lake trek is a beautiful trek. We started from Delhi on Friday evening and reached Kullu early in the morning at 6 AM. As per the instruction we booked a hotel room near busstand and got freshen up. Total 6 people were there so it took approx. an hour. We met our guide there only who came with a car to pick us up. We started our trek towards the summit from Baggi at around 11 AM in morning. Everything was well maintained and taken care of. The Sandwiches we were given during lunch when we reached Prashar were most tasty veg sand-witches I ever had in my life. Fresh & pure veggies with Bread and masala tasted awesome. And the hot tea created a perfect combination. Night was very cold but still I ventured out at open to visit the starry night. Will recommend this trek to all beginners and weekend trek lovers.


My best ever trekking

The Sar Pass trek is an awesome trek. The care we got from the team Triphippie was incredible. I must say this people are dong a fantastic job. The team is lways accessible and answered all our query best possible way. The local representative, guide, porters all were very friendly and took very good care of us during the Trek. One of the team members, who joined with us from Mumbai was falling behind on 4th day of the trek. But the guide was constantly motivating her to carry on and was staying with her. It was a fabulous experiment to see such effort. Overall Me and my friends enjoyed a lot and learned a lot. Thanks Triphippie and Manu for arranging such a beautiful trek


Chadar trek

One of the most beautiful and unique gift of God on earth.
Guides, porters and helpers were of immense help during the trek.
Well planned and well organized


I am very excited to go there!!

Seems amazing trek by just viewing the snaps and schedule mentioned in the details. Every day of this trip, we will experience great views and some dense forests surrounded with snow capped mountains.


Blown Away with the Hospitality

If someone really looking for quite and serene place and wants to experience what hospitality mean then Eco Camp - Tapola is the place.

We visited Eco camp during new year long weekend, I was in dilemma whether I should go to this place or not as there were no reviews for this place but I want to take this opportunity to write a review for the place which everyone should visit if someone if planning for an excursion from Mumbai or Pune.

There were doubts about comfort level(living in igloo tents) , hospitality , food but the eco camp management proved me all wrong , they had given us exceptional service. Few things, which I liked the most:
-They arrange personal music system and Personal Bone fire for our group
-Delicious food was served
-We did kayaking , fishing , boat ride and trekking and this was all inclusive in package

Reaching to Eco Camp is simple , it has been perfectly marked on google map.


Experience........Just Amazing

This indeed is an experience!!.
Excellent location - right on the lake, under open sky. A separate tent away from others for privacy yet within sight and hearing distance for safety. Very good personalized service right in front of your tent. Of course, it is not a luxury holiday that you have opted when chose camping....
Only drawback is you need to have "holding capacity" for 15 mins to go to washrooms (walk + bike)...or else find a secluded corner in the open.
And no words to describe the natural beauty......vast lake, tall mountains 270 deg view, amazing sunset and thereafter zillions of stars in dark sky.....
Just go for it.


watwe rafring at coorg is quite an experience

It was off season when I went, still I found the staff very well behaved. They had informed us already that it won't be real rafting experience like the monsoon season, but they made sure we enjoy.. we were 4 people but we had booking only for 3.. they let the 4th person go in for free (no rush)!!.. overall it was a great experience and we do plan to go again during monsoons, of course through triphippie..


Chadar trek

One of the best itineraries that I've come across on Chadar trek. Not only its most economical but also getting insurance covered without paying anything extra is surely value for money deal. I'm coming to walk on the frozen river this winter !!!


Rappelling from Mumbai

Booked through TripHippie. The instructor was technical and knowledgeable. It was raining during the rappelling and that increased the fun and adventure multi-fold. Its worth doing. Also, very near to Mumbai. Only glitch is for breakfast you get vadapav.


First time experience

Good experience. Guide Ravi was helpful in each step. Learned how to tie knots for rappelling.


Waterfall rappelling at Dudhani waterfall

Tough but very much enjoyable. Exciting


Rappelling at Vihigaon last week was a fabulous experience

I joined to this rappelling at last moment to my friend. It was great. For 20 minutes i was rappelling and I forgot everything that time. It was like a survival war between me and the water. Later we took a bath in the natural pool. We had our lunch at one of the houses nearby village. The best Poha and omelette (made of country egg) I had till now.


Kuringal Gudda

Good trek, but one must be adequately prepared to battle the leeches. I was asked my triphippie to carry salt along with myself for the trek and believe me it was my saviour. The salt also saved a couple of more ppl. The homestay was very good, all arrangements were properly made.


Must to do

it was a large group. Had good fun. Only one suggestion to others who will be going later, DO NOT FORGET to bring extra set of inner ware and clothes and protective pouch for your mobile


Brilliant Experience

Must thank Trip-Hippie for coordinating the entire tour so smoothly. The Boats, Rows, Jackets and Helmet all were pretty sturdy yet very comfortable. Very Heartening to see that the risk associated with a water sport like Rafting has been mitigated thanks to Trip-Hippie.
Looking forward to a next Adventure Trip in the near future in coordination with you


Awesome Trip Hippie

I and my friends had a gala time at Rishikesh.Thanx for arranging such an awesome trip. We will be more than happy to plan more trips in future with Triphippie.
- Divyadeep